What the hell is all this fake news stuff?


Understanding The Fake News Universe A Guide To Fake News Terminology

Fake news is information that is clearly and demonstrably fabricated and that has been packaged and distributed to appear as legitimate news. Article discusses the following in particular:

Fake News Purveyor … Fake News Creator … Hyperpartisan … Websites, Facebook Pages, and Social Media Accounts … Misleading Information … Clickbait … Satire … Propaganda …Conspiracy Theory … Mistakes In Reporting …


New Pew Report: Majority Of Americans Across Party Lines Say Fake News Caused “A Great Deal” Of Confusion


According to a new Pew Research report, 64 percent of Americans — including a majority in both political parties — said that fake news has caused “a great deal” of confusion about the basic facts of current events.

According to the study, the fake news problem is a bipartisan one: “Republicans and Democrats are about equally likely to say that these stories leave Americans deeply confused about current events”:

While fake news became an issue during the highly charged 2016 presidential election campaign, Republicans and Democrats are about equally likely to say that these stories leave Americans deeply confused about current events. About six-in-ten Republicans say completely made-up news causes a great deal of confusion (57%), and about the same portion of Democrats say the same (64%). And although independents outpace Republicans (69% say fake news causes a great deal of confusion), they are on par with Democrats. This perception is also mostly consistent across education, race, gender and age, though there is some difference by income.

Democrats open to replacing Obamacare, headline screams. The article itself? Not so much

Here’s yet another Politico story that just doesn’t deliver what the clickbaity headline suggests: “Democrats open to replacing Obamacare.” And the subtitle: “A surprising number of lawmakers in the minority say they’d play ball if the changes aren’t too far-reaching.” And then you read what those Democrats are actually saying:

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