What the heck were you expecting your candidate to do if you voted for him?


This is a fair question regardless of whether you outwardly gave your reasons for your vote or, like fraidy cats, just came out from your dark places and voted, then returned to your dark places unwilling to admit or justify what you did?

Why did you vote for The Chosen?

Did you vote for him to governmentally stop or suppress our concerns about global warming? … Cause that’s what it looks like The Chosen is going to do.

Did you vote for The Chosen because you want to see Obamacare Repealed? Did you think that the Republicans have a genuine alternative. Please be honest and open because it looks like you voted against your own best interest.

Did you vote for him to take away financial protections for consumers … you know, not consuming corporations, but the little buyers and spenders like you and me?

Did you vote for him so he would appoint more Supreme Court Justices like Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Alito on the court? If you don’t recognize the names of those justices or their legal biases, I’m not surprised. At least then if answering this question, tell me that your reasons were all thought out by you; yours  and not someone else’s who told you what to think?

Did you vote for The Chosen so he, his party and his cabinet could take actions and make decisions to lower the minimum wage and suppress opportunities for things like overtime? Are you expecting and hoping that this leadership will reverse current rules that benefit workers? That’s exactly what The Chosen will try to do and what his appointees will pursue.

Did you vote for The Chosen so he would appoint an attorney general who has a history of trying to suppress the vote?

Did you vote for the Chosen in hopes that he, his cabinet and his party would authorize more tax cuts for the wealthy and for business at the expense of what used to be the working class?

Did you vote for The Chosen to see Medicare privatized so that it will wither on the vine, or Medicaid slashed?

If folks like me are to be persuaded by folks like you then you sort of owe it to us to explain your votes, your expectations and what you will do if The Chosen proves to have been merely saying what you wanted to hear so he could get the job.

Well …?

If you are too much of a moral coward to come out and address these issues, then admit that … but don’t keep hiding behind a big rock tossing verbal stones that cannot be justified in our direction.

Hat tip to Ian Reifowitz who wrote the article that inspired my questions. I quote him here:

Donald Trump won a majority of votes in the Electoral College by drawing an inside straight in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and thanks to the unprecedented interventions of Vladimir Putin and James Comey. But he lost the popular vote by a figure approaching 3 million. He can claim absolutely no legitimate popular mandate, yet he intends to implement the most right-wing agenda this country has seen in going on a century. There is no question he and his Republican allies in Congress are going to try. The only open question is what are we going to do about it.

Trump has no legitimate mandate from the American people. None.

Here’s one of the flagship publications of the American Corporate Welfare Capitalism – The Wall Street Journal – acknowledging the entire point of the article posted above that started these threads.

Trump Counties Would See Big Impact From Obamacare Repeal

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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