The Intuitive and what is prancing across your mental stage

Intuitive Mind


Think about how you are able to get the intuitive mood going inside.

Stop asking why stuff comes up. Let it prance across the stage in your mind without turning on your sirens and spotlights. Just watch it come in. Hell, you might even find it useful to wait and see if it prances off the stage when you don’t react, don’t scream “bravo!” or throw a mental tomato at it.

If it keeps dancing and won’t get off the stage, then something is nagging at you.

Talk to the thought then. Instead of  looking for an answer with lots of details, see if the Creative starts whispering to you. Wait for wisdom to come to you at a pace you can catch and manage.

Think about how you perceive conflict.

You know, self-conflict arises when you perceive persons or notions (what you think must be the apparent scheme of things) as adversarial pissing contests. Such ideas or concepts are those with which you disagree and they don’t mesh with your inner sense of truth. So they feed your damn conflicts.

What kind of relief do you need? Well, seeking relief from pressures created by doubt and fear causes us to sort of self-medicate with emotional whiskey; seeking answers that satisfy emotional craving.

Get this in your head:  Reasons that appear to satisfy emotional cravings are not creations of of the real self; the who-you-know-you-are when you quit chasing your tail over every distraction.

You want to figure it out?

Pay attention only after you calm down your scaredness. That’s what is called emotionally disengaging from the problem. Take a coffee break in your mind until your verbal rationalizing ends. Clarity might just show up.

If you are not afraid of new age approach, do what lots of folks have told me:

“Put it on your mental shelf and let it sit there for a while.”

Works for some I suppose, but  I get more mileage out of turning the matter over to the Great Mystery. Wait until you  eventually wake up with an idea that includes a change. What just might change is how you see what your notion looks like from a step-back point of view. Go hunting for some other way to understand it instead of calling it an enemy to your calm down mode.

Progress ain’t achieved by working for this stuff as a goal.

It’s the result of working on finding tools that help you be consistent with how the world is and not assuming that most things are either/or. It’s looking for non-adversarial principles.

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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