Who started this whole negative lack-of-dialogue crap?

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And this for the holier-than-thou-crowd crowing about conservatives (social or otherwise) with hurt feelings because civility is not a one-sided one-way street.

Who started this whole negative lack-of-dialogue crap?

Wannabe “peace celebrities” are on their soap boxes with their “We-are-too-polarized-to-communicate-so-we’ve-got-to-stop-resisting-them” pop-psycho-pretend-statesmanship blather.

It’s too late for that. The bouncers need to do their jobs now and throw rowdies out. We delude ourselves if we think the time to start acting peaceful, regretful and anxious to stop talking nasty is now.

They have been deliberately farting in public for a long time already. They already need to be bounced out of the building before trying to talk wisdom and sense with them in “dialogue.”

That’ll happen when they are all out in the cold or in treatment.

I don’t know who slept thru civics class but …
I do know that constant bellowing at the electorate on how they should vote at the federal level is about as effective as bellowing at the customers in the Elk Snout Tavern.

We’re all bellowed out and tired of being bellowed at.

Faked wisdom of telling or educating someone else on how they should vote is the tired and proven Democratic path to loss of elections.

Genuinely pissing voters off is where it’s at.

There is nothing more powerful in arousing a national sense of indignation than to have a bunch of mom and pop towns and villages start waking each other up with infectious resolutions. Those outdo political educating and bellowing every time.

Democrats are still learning this lesson.
Kindergarten Konservative types figured it out long before they ever launched the stimulation of political anger in this country.

I used to value more highly than I should the notion that political talk – if done in some “reasonable” form that appeals to our better nature- is worthwhile. History has proven that the well was poisoned a long time ago. Nowadays, it feels like the more we back up the more we get pushed by agitators and gullible cut-and-paste reactors who are driven by a misunderstanding of the source of their own anger.

It would be great to say “I feel your pain and I understand it.” But I don’t really and I also believe that we as a media-cultivated society do not understand even our own buttons that get pushed.

The best I feel I can do is stand up with genuine indignation and resistance to unreasonable and/or unbelievably expressed assumptions that apparently come from a lack of ability to do critical thinking.

We are confronted with gaslighting more often than we realize.

Feelings of guilt that never seem to go away – and are related to something we said or did – are often reinforced by people nursing their sense of offendedness or by people seeking to be offended.

One effect of gaslighting is a sense that we cannot free ourselves from self-inflicted guilt.

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Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

2 thoughts on “Who started this whole negative lack-of-dialogue crap?”

  1. We have to resist with truth and honor though. I haven’t figured out how that works with a bunch of illiterates refusing to learn that the world is a complicated place doesn’t respond well to simple minded fixes. Simple-minded people always leave a mess in their wake. The last 2 years illustrate this more than any other, though the younger Bush tried hard to prove it as well.

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