This is where we are heading and all the tuff-talk and weapon-waving in the world is not effective or useful. It makes us look sillier than ever.

This is where we are heading and all the tuff-talk and weapon-waving in the world is not effective or useful.
It makes us look sillier than ever. We’re also headed in this direction:

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We are reaching what ought to be the end-times of having to pay for our shallow civic behavior as voters who failed to fully consider the qualifications of our elected leaders. If we stay in the shallow end of the pool we will pay for our stupidity for years to come.

The American Choice must choose to never again be casual nor shallow about why we support the election of specific leaders.

Personally, although having a concern for the circumstances in America and across its borders that draw those willing to work cheaply to this country, immigration reform is not any predominant reason for casting a ballot in support of the immigration-reforming candidate.

Personally, I am concerned about public morality in an ethical sense of the highest good of all concerned. However, moralizing the population based on literal-minded and shallow childish Christian theology is the least of my priorities. We do not need a born-again religious stampeding President or Congress.

Whoever presides must have demonstrated experiential knowledge and not just an ability to speak about American foreign policy and military matters in a thoughtful and intelligent manner; not blustering grandstanding.

We absolutely must benefit from the wisdom of those who have served out there where there has been action.

… someone who is not just a solitary muscle-flexor, saber-rattling cheap-talk personality with god talk, pretend patriotism and no substance

We need someone who has seen blood flow for needless reasons and regretted it.

… someone who has understands that blood can flow for needless reasons and carrying a big stick is not by itself a reason for bloodshed
… someone who understands and grieves for villages destroyed or ruined by blind military tactics
… and who understands what really happens when advisors belittle collateral damage
… someone who understands that intellectual advisors within his administration bearing theories based on book-learning, pseudo-academic gurus, think tanks and the notion of historical precedents are kept on a very short leash

If the leader attempting to pose as presidential material cannot convince me of that kind of wisdom connected to avoiding an imperialism that ignores, demeans and totally devalues the lives of non-Americans everywhere else, then my vote goes elsewhere.

Criminal leadership may have sat in a presidential chair but America has never made a collective choice for those absolutely horrific and shameful values. Our leaders can never again be given an electoral approval without passing the muster of social and global responsibility and accountability.

Our sitting president will go down in history as the absolute poorest American Presidency ever

… As having done the greatest global harm ever

… As the American politician most deserving of impeachment proceedings
… ever in our history.

Nobody owes him one iota of gratitude.

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

One thought on “This is where we are heading and all the tuff-talk and weapon-waving in the world is not effective or useful. It makes us look sillier than ever.”

  1. Obviously I despise our current administration for more reasons than I can possibly share here. However, for me personally, one event sticks out in my memory as saying it all about this administration. When the president held his press conference regarding his additional military involvement in Afghanistan, he listed all the reasons why he was doing it. All the reasons for his actions fed his ego, and as usual he was quick to point out that he knew more than all the generals about what needed to be done. Notably absent was any acknowledgement of the suffering of the Afghan people and the need to help them through what is now a generations-long, very violent, and horribly destructive conflict. That omission said it all to me. I spent 3 deployments on Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan, and came to love the Afghan people I was there to help. Their needs are basic, yet our president didn’t even acknowledge their existence or horrific plight. We are operating on their soil and they were not even mentioned! Its is shameful. Very sad indeed. We all need to wake up. Morals, ethics, and experience matter. All the lies and blather we see daily will result in our collapse if we don’t wake up.

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