let’s be real and honest and recognize … the man has lost all credibility with almost 70 percent of the country.

Here’s a meme image that presents a stark reality of President Trump’s situation vis a vis all the voters with whom he needs to accomplish a positive referendum in November and avoid the blue tsunami building almost hour by hour.

His tweets, his speeches, his criticisms of others, his change-the-subject tactics aimed to distract from where fate is taking him … all these and more … let’s be real and honest and recognize … the man has lost all credibility with almost 70 percent of the country.

He cannot say anything that will persuade otherwise. He cannot dodge the legal runaway train coming directly at him.

He drives his own staff and administration crazy with his selfish and self-interested performances.

Our sitting President has said and done more than any other person or group to make himself into the silliest president, silliest pretender and above all silliest non-role-model any of us have or will ever see on our national stage.

You’d better believe that the GOP is running scared. They have no new ideas, just the same old talking points. I’ve seen Congresswoman McMorris Rodger’s recent re-election fundraising letters. They are full of cliched dog whistles and transparent assumptions that the recipients are gullible sheep who are dumb and will respond to the whistle cliches.

The anti-liberal anti-progressive memes seem to be slowing down or growing more hysterical in their messages and it seems to me due to the fact that Trump is now such an epitome of silliness, no meme can make a point supporting Trump, MAGA or GOP by attacking past presidents, candidates and incumbents of the other parties.

Qanon now typifies the MAGA-ite in the street who makes the most noise. There is no mystical power in the nonsensical rumor that consitutes Qanon.

That’s all it is folks is noise.

There is nothing of socially redeeming value coming out of the White House, out of the GOP, not out of the conservative think tanks and certainly not in the streets where the media had to struggle to even make a little hay about the Unite The Right handful of demonstrators last weekend.

We cannot demonstrate wisdom by deferring in any way to the antics of the narcissist who has so badly besmirched his own party. Perhaps one day organized progressives will celebrate a holiday honoring the man who rode his own ineptitude into what will be a profile in foolishness as his legacy.

He will be remembered only for the messes he created that the rest of us will have had to clean up.

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

2 thoughts on “let’s be real and honest and recognize … the man has lost all credibility with almost 70 percent of the country.”

  1. Silly? Trump? You have got to be kidding. Silly is reserved for class clowns and other children . The man is mentally ill and a grave danger to us all. Silly is an adjective that cannot be used to describe this man.

  2. And yet, do the ill-conceived and sometimes bullying actions of some of his opponents not give him credence? I’m not as yet convinced that he has such little support. I hope that I am wrong.

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