I challenge anyone to rebut Cooke’s statements …

Any Republicans, any MAGA-hat-wearers, any Fox News-watchers/believers, any kindergarten drugstore conservatives, any of my boomer generation who voted for Mr. Trump and who make no bones about voting for him again … And finally any fundagelical literalist who thinks Trump and Jesus are equally sacred … Fill up my comment section with coherent, well-thought-out rebuttals. No disingenuous blathering. you are too transparently shallow when you do that. I challenge anyone to rebut Cooke’s statements …

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

6 thoughts on “I challenge anyone to rebut Cooke’s statements …”

  1. Wow. Powerful words. Will we take the country back or watch the completion of the takeover?
    I’ve watched every minute of the impeachment hearings, and I am not optimistic. With Sen. Jim Risch and his colleagues rolling their eyes and sleeping through the evidence, my optimism is fading fast. I believe we are doomed.

  2. My impression is that non-removal is very probable. I also think that the big hope is that in blindly refusing to remove Trump, vulnerable Repub senators only made their chances worse in November and that the consequence would be their loss of the Senate.

    There were Eleven Million watching the first day of the impeachment trial. I also think that swing states in 2016 will not be so swingy this year and the the women and minority votes will be much greater. I’d be very surprised and disappointed if Mr. Trump – he of the impeached asterisk – were to win re-election. My meme will be that of repudiation of the Republican Party.

    1. Your optimism is commendable Arthur. I have no faith in voters after what we have been through in 2016 to date. Just read the comments on Impeachment in the Spokesman/Review today. Many of those people didn’t even know every minute of the hearings were covered on PBS every day. All the hearings were covered on the public airwaves, you didn’t need cable! No excuses! They also parrot the BS that Fox News and the Repubs push as fact. Voters put this criminal in office in 2016, and I don’t have the faith they will boot him in 2020. Social Media has ruined this country. Mainstream media has done a rather poor job countering all the lies. I wish I could be optimiistic but I am crushed and saddened at the freak show we have in the White House and in Congress and our societal inability to counter it. How can we survive the apathy? Apathy is the dead of democracy.

    1. Otis Orchards is home now after 26 years in North Idaho. An “old guy” like you Arthur. 67 next month. Career Civil servant. 31 years as a Clean Water Act regulator and project manager with the Corps of Engineers. 5 deployments as a civilian in uniform on Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Spent a lot of time with coalition forces in very remote and difficult places. I have always believed in the rightousness of government service and saw it tested badly overseas where money, material, and lives were wasted without much thought. Politicians call us faceless bureaucrats, smearing amazing people like Marie Yavonovitch. Yet still I want to believe we will be OK while the facts tell me otherwise.

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