How Come I’m Better Than You? 1st Installment

How come you’re not as worthy as me?

How come you don’t deserve all the things I deserve?

How come how I look is superior to how you look?

The principle varieties of mankind
A 19th-century British engraving depicting facial portraits from around the world — and European prejudice © Getty

How come you’re not as worthy as me?

How come you don’t deserve all the things I deserve?

How come how I look is superior to how you look?

The answers to the “how comes” are the fairy tales that formed the notion that some of us are better than the others. The original sin that fostered the fairytales goes back the to ultimate fairytale of a superpower who proclaimed that those he liked were his “chosen” people.

To those who walked in fear of the pretended divine tyrant, silliness started. The seeds of cultural  immaturity were planted.

Time passed.

The longer the passage the more imaginers of the “chosen” created the stuff of which fairy tales become more pure and  more sure than common sense, common wisdom and the highest good of all concerned.

Lightning flashed repeatedly, thunder rolled repeatedly, the earth quaked, the waters flooded, the land alternated between fertility and barrenness.

Only a superpower could make such things happen. How could humankind reason with the divine tyrant?

The imaginers appointed themselves middlemen between the imaginary super power and the commoners, most of whom with abject gullibility bought the substance-less snake oil propounded by those  imagining mental midgets.

Soon the mental midgets figured out a way to enshrine their midgetness.

Laws …

Events and happenings that had no idea that a super power was commanding and summoning them became the symbols of divine whim.

Events and happenings that knew no laws in nature were suddenly seen as obeying an imaginary law proclaimed by the super power. Laws went into law books beginning with oral histories and folk tales, then  later recorded and published as the will of the imaginary super power.

Such is how traditions get started.
Such is how traditions become doctrine.
Such is how doctrine becomes dogma.
Such is  how cultures engender religions based entirely on imagined tradition –> doctrine –> dogma.
Such is how authoritarian-defined cultures figured out how to justify themselves.

Such is how authoritarian cultures assume and authorize who is chosen and who is not.

… so here we are
… here we have it

A culture started by an ignorant humanity is now feeding on itself; devouring all the non-chosen based on fairy tales of who is better, who is more worthy, who matters more than anyone else.







Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

2 thoughts on “How Come I’m Better Than You? 1st Installment”

  1. I reject the whole notion of race. It’s a nonsensical concept. At the same time, I struggle with how to rid ourselves of it when remedial policies like affirmative action programs are necessarily based on it.

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