Fake patriots and the horse they rode in on

Ideological Clueless-ness from the QAnon Swamp and those who dominate the Republican Party.

The horse fake patriots rode in on continues to drag American power and influence through the muck of their own leavings.

It’s a horse these fake patriots – whose personal perspective of war and power has not been refined by personal experience with real war and real power – continue to ride in a pretense of simplistic junior high school wisdom.

It’s a horse they have had to resort to parading around with lies, slander and truth-twisting; abusing our understanding of core American values and the real meaning of patriotism. They wrap themselves sanctimoniously in the American flag – an abuse in and of itself.

It’s a horse these fake patriots rode in on that was repudiated by the voting majority that awakened and took the moral high ground away from the failed president and his MAGA Republicans.

The horse these fake patriots rode in on is not the horse that pulls the American plow, pulls the wagon of American commerce nor carries the cavalry of American military force. The Republican/QAnon horse is expected to work without adequate care and nourishment, a horse rarely curry-combed nor re-shod with focus on the actual terrain over which it must labor for its masters.

It’s a work-animal these fake patriot horse-traders bought for themselves and then tried to convince the actual laboring and voting heart of the American economy and society to accept as a replacement for the more effective original.

It’s a work-animal these naive and out-of-touch fake intellectual horse-traders believe will allow everyone to move out of the valley and into the mountain tops of welfare capitalism with the discredited cult of a failed president.  

Listen to the Republican apologists at all levels from the bottom-up or the top-down and what you see and hear is the same blind devotion to a political and economic philosophy that overrides common sense.

They know no other way, no other approach and no other method available that would be consistent with the naive and fake intellectual horse-trading theories that got them here. They insist on continuing to ride the old nag that may manage forays into the valley but more and more struggles to get back to the mountain tops.

Our baby boomer generation’s time is coming to an end. Those of the next generation will take control of whatever we pass on. Maximus in the film Gladiator tells the power-mad fake patriot Commodus, “The time for honoring yourself is coming to an end.”

We must do our part to reveal and repudiate the fraud of the horse the fake patriots and their failed president rode in on. The least we can do to get our time-proven horse back and send the horse-THEY-rode in on to where – neutered and impotent – they and the horse they rode in on will serve well at the glue factory.

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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