On the “My-skin-is-Thinner-Than-Your -Skin Derby” …


Romney smacks down Trump, who wins despite Romney’s smacks … President-elect Thinny Skinny invites Romney to frog legs, leads him on about Sec State, then chooses someone else … cause The Chosen is notoriously and demonstrably the reigning thin-skinned Champ.

Enter Harry Reid who questions Romney’s character as a self-promoting sham or a mere gullible cause he (Romney) talked tuff during the campaign but became a toady when Sec. State opportunity was dangled in front of him by a proven Thinny Skinny Master…

To which Romney replied publicly that he had lost respect earlier when Reid challenged his (Romney’s) tax records in the 2012 campaign … setting up the idea that Romney’s thin-skin has a long memory. Mitt added a “good riddance Mr. Reid. The Senate is better in it with you gone.”

So Prezdent Thinny Skinny takes it out on unsuccessful candidate Romney who thinny skinny’s his way by departing Senator Reid.

So now Harry is at bat but the long-ball thin-skin derby so far belongs to The Chosen.