Announcing my Newsletter, Arthur Ruger: Curmudgeon at Work

Copy-and-paste opinions are for the most part someone else’s magic which we have borrowed in order to endorse as something with which we agree.

My own experience is that personal satisfaction comes from writing original material – if one is able and has a strong desire to create. With that in mind, I have accepted a suggestion and created a newsletter in place of the blog articles I formerly and frequently posted here and on Facebook.

Some of the articles will come without charge while others will involve a monthly subscription fee of $5.00. Details will appear in the first newsletter which is free.

The subject matter for the most part will reflect current events, civics, politics, religion, and the creative arts.If you would be interested in receiving the newsletter with or without a subscription fee, enter your name in the comment section below and I’ll respond via private message for details.

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