Spiritual Warfare: Resistance is futile cause these guys have given The Lord His marching orders


That’s it! Game over! These guys have brought in the big guns. You know, the “Me-and-Jesus-Ain’t-that-right-Jesus crowd.”

I see these foolish people – remaining however a minority and not representative of traditional conservative Christians – triggering a showdown between right/left and liberal/conservative that explodes in an uncontrollable way that forces the rest to choose sides.

It’s one thing to enact laws the keep taverns 200 feet from churches. It’s something else to enact laws that seriously alter our national habitual understanding of – for example – our Bill of Rights.

If that happens, these radicals who thought changing the laws was all that was needed will have no clue as to why rioters don’t “play fair” just because “it’s the law now” and quietly go to jail themselves instead of striking back.

If laws were enacted, the first time a jury found a Christian Taliban executioner of an accused gay, liberal or abortionist not-guilty I think the Pharisees would have more than they could handle.

Would you just sit around and moan if every week a van came down your street and you watched as your gay neighbors, your neighbor who had a private abortion, or liberal speaker-outers were loaded up and hauled off?

Not for long …

That’s the naivete behind the assumption that enacting laws enacts a specific morality.


POTUS Shield Prays For Protection Over Trump From Deep State ‘Evil Forces’ And Curses Of ‘Witches And Warlocks’

When tsunami-stopping and ant-reviving pastor Frank Amedia appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” earlier this month, he was joined by several members of his POTUS Shield organization, who collectively engaged in an extended prayer to protect President Trump from the “evil forces” of the deep state, in addition to the “witches and warlocks” who have been cursing him.

“I think we need to be wise to understand that this presidency is going to be taken to the edge of destruction by evil forces, by deep state forces, by a conspiracy that has already been named,” Amedia warned. “We know it’s coming. We need to withstand against that. We need to be the watchmen that say, ‘Don’t take your eyes off, the storm is coming.’”

“We prayed for the Lord to just stir up that storm,” he continued. “Stir up that storm of that president. We declare right now, in Jesus’ name, stir it up. Stir him up like a tornado, don’t let him stop. Let everything fly out that needs to fly out, let everything be exposed, don’t let anything be put back into a place that could come back and linger again.”

Amedia said that “the spirit of Antichrist” is trying to “snuff out” all of Trump’s accomplishments along with “the rising church” and prayed that God will crush that effort “just like he did Haman Hillary on election night.”

Amedia, Mark Gonzales of the U.S. Hispanic Action Network, and Bishop Harry Jackson then initiated a spiritual warfare prayer against Trump’s enemies and critics, with Jackson taking specific aim at the “witches and warlocks” who have cursed the president.

“We lift up witches and warlocks who have been a part of this assignment,” Jackson said, “as they have gathered in numbers almost immeasurable to curse this specific president. We cancel, we bind their authority, we bind their curses, we lift up your word that says you shall not revile the gods and neither shall you bring a curse upon the rule of God’s people. We declare those assignments null and void and we claim the souls of many of the witches and warlocks.”


Let’s give it a shot!

Put it in writing!

An Electoral Strategy for National Renewal

We have a serious problem with our floundering democracy.

Our elected representatives don’t represent us. Thus, the people have no real voice in the direction and running of the country.

Yes, every election cycle candidates make delightful speeches, offering vague but pleasant rhetoric on all the wonderful things they will do for “we the people” once elected.

Unfortunately, when they arrive in Washington, D.C., amnesia sets in, and they forget the folks back home who put them in their cushy jobs in our nation’s capital. They then take their marching orders from their deep-pocketed corporate patrons slash ruling-elite puppet masters, and we get a country that serves only the rich and powerful, with the rest of us scrambling to survive.

This is why we’ve created the CFAR national electoral strategy.

CFAR stands for Contract For American Renewal. It’s a contract between a candidate for office and the voters in his or her voting jurisdiction—i.e., their congressional district or their state.

The candidate contract idea is and straightforward.

The candidate contract takes the guesswork out of voting.

It’s a radical innovation that sets a new standard for electoral integrity. It provides a bulletproof mechanism for deciding a candidate stands on crucial issues, how serious that candidate is about solving the problems that are important to voters, how serious that candidate is about representing his or her constituents.

In fact, it sets down in writing exactly what that candidate will be doing on 11 key initiatives when he or she arrives in Washington, D.C.—right from Day One