Trickle down is a song only sung by folks who believe the likes of my congresswoman, better known as Dump Cathy Mcmorris Rodgers. The 5th CD deserves better

Seattle skyline cranes

Dave has written well here …


I recently took some time to preemptively fend off future attacks on Seattle’s $15 minimum wage ordinance, pointing out that our local economy is currently so outlandishly strong that there’s almost nowhere for unemployment to go but up. Seattle’s current 3.15% unemployment rate has never proven to be sustainable in the past, and is unlikely to prove sustainable into the future. So when we do eventually see a bump in unemployment—and we will (be it in absolute terms or just relative to the larger state economy)—it will on its own be evidence of absolutely nothing. As I explained last week:

The real measure of Seattle’s minimum wage experiment is not whether our jobs numbers tick up or down relative to some cherry-picked starting point or some arbitrary low-wage city comparison. The real measure of success is whether Seattle can sustain a reasonably healthy and robust economy while providing all our workers a livable wage.

David “Goldy” Goldstein has written about politics for The Stranger, The Nation and the Huffington Post. He hosted “The David Goldstein Show” on Seattle’s news/talk 710-KIRO from 2006 through 2008, and has been pissing off readers at his blog for more than a decade.

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