let your powder dry out and form up with the rest of us.


We’re past the nomination and voting. From this point on the real revolutionary war begins. This is not the time to be stumbling out of the gate.

The buck stops … where?

Is the Democratic Party willing to disavow any right to ownership of a nation’s agenda and concede that right with disingenuous cowardice to a corrupt Republican president and party?

Are we going to let party puppeteers with it’s incumbent House and Senate marionettes who are on someone else’s payroll besides the people tread on us?

Do we want to concede the right to a worthwhile agenda to Republican politicians and stampeding broadcasters who toss out nothing but nonsense?

The moral high ground is ours to take, not the property of MAGA supporters who demonstrate the will power of sheep. The moral high ground of the electorate – all of us and not the parties – is where the buck really stops.

So how is it that Mr. Trump, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Graham and Mr. Kavanaugh are cheerleading themselves like high school drunks who got away with something?

Such is their means of avoidance of discussing that which supposedly divides us. They are never going to publicly discuss their behavior so long as they can hide behind the self-serving rhetoric we heard during the SCOTUS hearings.

Come on … I wasn’t happy pushing what many considered divisive discussion. But it was never so uncomfortable as to suggest that hurting a rabid dog’s feelings was justification for remaining silent.

Mr. Trump and his party long ago forfeited the moral high ground They have tossed it carelessly into the filth. That’s where they have put it and apparently where they intend to keep it.

In reality the moral high ground is not something forfeited or tossed around like a hot potato between rival parties. It always resides with the actual electorate …  well, at least to the non-apathetic minority of the electorate. I assume that’s all of us here and elsewhere who are willing to stay involved.

You may have always insisted that you prefer to stay away from political discourse. What a nonsensical idea! Your leaders aren’t doing that. Your employers aren’t doing that. Your clergy is not doing that? Most of those whose decisions have some impact on your own life are not staying away from politics. Why would you – unless your personal totem is the ostrich?


Mr. Trump and his Republican-dominated leadership are in crises in practically every state in the union. Their public utterances only make things worse image-wise.

What better way to dilute negative attention to your party’s weaknesses and flaws than to foolishly pronounce shallow slogans that  in no way promote positive restorative solutions. Any useable solution – by the way – requires  courage beyond national jingoism.

We know who has the wherewithal to clean up their act from the politically foul fungus staining our American Dream.

Not the elected Republicans,
not the Republican evangelicals,
none of the pandering Republican opportunists
and certainly not the discredited president.

The images of self-congratulatory males taking credit for cover-up of crimes look to me like a coronation picture for a SCOTUS justice and a loud-mouthed tweeter.

McConnell gloats

Now all of you who are still horrified, let your powder dry out and form up with the rest of us. Time is wasting and there is never a poor time to fire shots heard round the country.

This will be a struggle of more than words and concepts. The fight is in each of our communities. As citizens, our weapon is publicity in all its forms: blogs, LTE’s, public speaking, meetings and private conversations.

Apologetics is not going to get the job done. The less we have to apologize for the better off we’ll be. Besides, apologetics should not really  be in our arsenal. Focusing on Republican governance is not something for which Democrats need apologize.

Don’t let’s start this thing out with the  whimper that “We didn’t start the fire.” Some  Democrats helped light that damn fire. If you prefer to stay with the rear -guard around the camp fires and preen your political savvy in endless parades of tacky – I mean tactical political logic – be my guest. Stay in the rear guard. Keep your heads down so you don’t get hurt. Don’t try to be cute about this. Nothing uglier than a pundit in leotards trying to strap on a six-gun for a duel in the street.

As pundits unwilling to be combatants, don’t create meaningless distractions and plots. Don’t try to sell snake oil while bodies are colliding. (You might get hit by heavyweights flying off the top ropes.)

Another thing, let us stand by American women in all venues. I challenge you to be one with those refusing to cut and run from the real revolution. We have seen the enemy and they are not us.

And to quote Elizabeth Warren who may or may not run herself,

““I watched eleven men too chicken to question a woman themselves. I watched powerful men helping another powerful man. . . . I thought, Time’s up. It’s time for women to go to Washington and fix a broken government, and that includes a woman at the top.”



Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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