Intelligent Design from the Silly Section. I don’t think we could trust these fellows to successfully change a flat tire.

I want you to speak English or get out

Fox News Brian Kilmeade on Jeb Bush campaigning in Spanish:

“I tell you, I agree with Donald Trump because I’ve been in the locker room before when there is Spanish speaking, especially the soccer locker room and now the baseball locker room, and when the Spanish reporters are talking to the player in Spanish, we sit around and go ‘what’s going on here? What country are we in?’ I think that unless it is a Spanish speaking group of press, I think Donald Trump is 100 percent right. “

… Well heck! Next thing ya know the only candidates for Most Valuable Player must be those able to speak English in the locker room so one-language-limited gringo reporters can interview them … as if that were more important the HR’s, RBI’s and No-Hitters.

Even at the Elk Snout Tavern, if ya say enough dumb stuff the other customers will stop drinkin and the bouncer will toss yer ass out the door.

Patrick Rushing shared Right Wing News' July 12, 1:46 a.m.

Patrick Rushing shared Right Wing News’ July 12, 1:46 a.m.

Embattled Airway Heights Mayor Patrick Rushing resigns

The embattled mayor of Airway Heights has submitted his resignation following a public furor in July regarding comments he made about President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama that were considered racist.

“I find it difficult to continue due to my declining health issues,” Rushing is quoted as saying in the statement.

The council voted 4-0 to accept his resignation, effective Sept. 1. Two council members were absent.

Last month the council issued a vote of no confidence in Rushing’s leadership after his musings on Facebook and subsequent statements put the city in a most unflattering national spotlight.

Awe come on! Everybody is entitled to say what they really think at least once in their life. What’s that you say?

75+ more questionable posts by Airway Heights Mayor Patrick Rushing – The Inlander, America’s Best Read Urban Weekly

Well, as we all know, sometimes what you say about others tells everybody more about yourself than about the others.

This sort of post isn’t the only type of post Rushing has made on his Facebook page, to be clear. He also talks a lot about his fight with cancer, his grief over the loss of loved ones, his love for his family, and his pride in his military service. He also, in something many of us can relate to, talked a lot about being addicted to Candy Crush Saga.

Throughout his five-year tenure as Airway Heights mayor, Rushing’s Facebook page has regularly churned out (mostly reposted) images and comments that many might find, well, unbecoming of the Mayor’s Office.

Okay okay … I’ll try to stop showing off about how liberal I am and how offended I am when guys of my generation keep talking like it was the Junior High locker room.

But then ought we all leave the locker room when we have important stuff to share?

Thom Bumbouncer, owner and barkeep at the Elk Snout Tavern