Speaking of fake news … who you callin a flying monkey?

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Several times lately I have seen cut and paste postings claiming that Barack Obama has been declared the worst  president ever in polls.


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Where are these images getting the most traction?
Why, the Kindergarten Konservative choir is the obvious object of affection.

The go to words are “cut and paste” which has been the intention of those who created the graphics/images in the first place.

This is a great example of what we all should be doing before we write, accuse, slam, slander – even criticize.

It’s called homework; due diligence; honesty; investigating sources – all the things, for example, our Congress folks on their committees should be researching before they get on television, pop off and make fools of themselves.

Every time I get called on writing something that I have not properly researched I realize I have it coming.

Consider these articles from USA TODAY and New York Magazine that were published two days ago:

Barack Obama is greatest president of our lifetime, 44% of Americans say in Pew survey

Poll: Barack Obama Was the Greatest President of Our Lifetime

For the above question of fake news and who is lying, I started a web search. I found the same results on several sites and will use Snopes’ report.

Was Obama Ranked ‘Worst President Since World War II’ in a New Poll?

“An outdated poll from 2014 was drastically misrepresented by a number of right-wing sites and pundits, none of whom appears to have correctly sourced the claim.”

All I can say is that if you cut and paste blindly, with blind trust, blind faith and blind confidence, you’ll be nothing more than a flying monkey.
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Flying monkeys is a phrase used in popular psychology mainly in the context of narcissistic abuse. They are people who act on behalf of a narcissist to a third party, usually for an abusive purpose – Wikipedia







This is where we are heading and all the tuff-talk and weapon-waving in the world is not effective or useful. It makes us look sillier than ever.

This is where we are heading and all the tuff-talk and weapon-waving in the world is not effective or useful.
It makes us look sillier than ever. We’re also headed in this direction:

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We are reaching what ought to be the end-times of having to pay for our shallow civic behavior as voters who failed to fully consider the qualifications of our elected leaders. If we stay in the shallow end of the pool we will pay for our stupidity for years to come.

The American Choice must choose to never again be casual nor shallow about why we support the election of specific leaders.

Personally, although having a concern for the circumstances in America and across its borders that draw those willing to work cheaply to this country, immigration reform is not any predominant reason for casting a ballot in support of the immigration-reforming candidate.

Personally, I am concerned about public morality in an ethical sense of the highest good of all concerned. However, moralizing the population based on literal-minded and shallow childish Christian theology is the least of my priorities. We do not need a born-again religious stampeding President or Congress.

Whoever presides must have demonstrated experiential knowledge and not just an ability to speak about American foreign policy and military matters in a thoughtful and intelligent manner; not blustering grandstanding.

We absolutely must benefit from the wisdom of those who have served out there where there has been action.

… someone who is not just a solitary muscle-flexor, saber-rattling cheap-talk personality with god talk, pretend patriotism and no substance

We need someone who has seen blood flow for needless reasons and regretted it.

… someone who has understands that blood can flow for needless reasons and carrying a big stick is not by itself a reason for bloodshed
… someone who understands and grieves for villages destroyed or ruined by blind military tactics
… and who understands what really happens when advisors belittle collateral damage
… someone who understands that intellectual advisors within his administration bearing theories based on book-learning, pseudo-academic gurus, think tanks and the notion of historical precedents are kept on a very short leash

If the leader attempting to pose as presidential material cannot convince me of that kind of wisdom connected to avoiding an imperialism that ignores, demeans and totally devalues the lives of non-Americans everywhere else, then my vote goes elsewhere.

Criminal leadership may have sat in a presidential chair but America has never made a collective choice for those absolutely horrific and shameful values. Our leaders can never again be given an electoral approval without passing the muster of social and global responsibility and accountability.

Our sitting president will go down in history as the absolute poorest American Presidency ever

… As having done the greatest global harm ever

… As the American politician most deserving of impeachment proceedings
… ever in our history.

Nobody owes him one iota of gratitude.

how zero tolerance regarding the law and a nation’s lack of humanity is somehow “Amerikan” – whatever that hell that would ever mean.

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Jim Martin is with Jared S Polis and Phil Weiser.July 2 at 7:13 PM
This is a memorial to the truth that real facts matter:
Over a third of Americans now don’t believe in the Holocaust of the Jews, but on 2 July 1942, 82 children from Lidice — a small village in Czechoslovakia — were transferred to the Łódź Gestapo office. Those 82 boys and girls were then transported to an extermination camp at Chełmno 34 miles away. They were gassed shortly after their arrival. This remarkable sculpture by Marie Uchytilová commemorates them. What you ignore you empower. 
Never Again.

There’s a comparative here. I would ask the President, the administration, ICE, childish Fox News Pundits and those who offer nothing but foolish rationalizations about how zero tolerance regarding the law and a nation’s lack of humanity is somehow “Amerikan” – whatever that hell that would ever mean.
Thank you to Jim Martin, Jared S. Polis and Phil Weiser for these images.

Hmmm … more comparative from Business Insider journal

Immigrant children detained in Virginia facility say they were beaten while handcuffed and left nude in concrete cells

Old man Huckabee comes across as shallow, almost foppish; the kind of guy who might start a bar fight and then run to hide behind the counter.

Some guys trying to sound thoughtfully and intellectually critical make observations that have no depth. Then someone comes along who does homework, makes a legitimate response. Old man Huckabee comes across as shallow, almost foppish; the kind of guy who might start a bar fight and then run to hide behind the counter.

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Gosh, the cowardly silence is deafening.

Public embarrassment in Montana. Tell me again, what part of our President’s character and behavior makes America great again in the eyes of its citizens and the globe? ….. Gosh, the cowardly silence is deafening.

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Yep … and I see where some senators of the make-America-great-again party went over there and set them dang Rooskies straight.

Let’s talk civility, name-calling and whining.


Nancy Pelosi Rebukes Maxine Waters for Endorsing Harassment of Trump Officials

Nancy seems to be afraid of a bar fight. In fact, she and her party seem to be so involved in performing for a non-existent audience of voters who are more interested in the idealistic than in genuine good-versus-bad and winner-take-all bar fights that they will take it on the chin rather than take it to the bullies.

Didn’t you eat it up when John Wayne asked a bully, “How about the boy? Ya gonna hang him too or just beat him up some more?”

Truth is, bullying – not just the school or social media type – is rampant in the United States. Bullies are everywhere, the majority of whom are semi-educated and gullible followers of those politicians of both parties who arouse their anger, unjustified indignation and misplaced hatred.

If one is honest, the western icon of good-versus-bad  made a career out of confronting bullies of all ilk. He didn’t do it by walking in general stores armed to the teeth and posturing like a drugstore cowboy. Most folks forget that,  preferring to see the bad guys as mostly “other”: dirty and unkempt outlaws, outcasts,  Mexican villains and Indian savages. More importantly and in truth, many of John Wayne’s main villains were greedy rich white men who gave marching orders to the dirty, unkempt, non-white minions their were exploiting.

It seems to me that excessive emphasis on not hurting the sensitive feelings of political whiners, name-callers and apparent civic absentees is like being nice to a rabid animal totally intent on biting you regardless of how nice and respectful you are. It’s a one-sided relationship. The whiners for the most part are not far above a purely narcissistic notion that I’m-right-you’re-wrong-and-yew-better-not-hurt-my feelings else I might tantrum.


On whining, name-calling and the absence of genuine civility in political and religious discourse.

Bullies don’t like it when all the little kids start keeping their lunch money in their pockets and talk sassy talk.
And of course we Americans who are too busy consuming to understand this stuff only understand that as usual we are expected to react as a shallow, simple and gullible audience.
Like mushrooms fed manure in the dark and who are told to ignore the liar behind the curtain, we simply must be offended.
– ‘Cause that’s what Americans do.


I recall a story told me by my two youngest siblings about their relationship and how each manipulated or tortured the other. Each one references aggressive or passive-aggressive incidents as part of their ongoing rivalry and relationship.

My Sister talks about not being able to get her brother to pay attention to her so – in frustration – she commenced shouting loud enough for Mom, who was busy in the kitchen. “Mom, he’s being mean to me, he’s hitting me, he’s – ” [whatever assortment of whines intended to arouse Mom.]

Mom,  eventually aroused, walked in and either yelled at my brother or cuffed him and – ignoring his protests of innocence – told him to quit picking on his sister.

It worked for awhile. Then, after so much repetition of the same script, the next time my sister commenced whining, Mom became suspicious. She quietly approached the door to the living room and saw my brother totally ignoring his sister, reading or playing with his toys and having nothing whatsoever to do with his Sis.

At that point, Sis was given a lesson by a wised-up Mom.

listen to hear not reply

If you throw out your two cents with a terrified concern that someone might disagree with you, your performance is all about you and has nothing to do with your subject or your intended audience.

Your body language, your tone of voice and, truly speaking, the tone and manner of what you cut and past (is if it was your own original thought)  might just be the only tells necessary for anyone to penetrate your poker-playing face as well as an I’m-in-a-partisan-mob-and-we-are-correctly-against-you mentality.

Watch the following video and look for the “tells.”

It was put together by my friend, Dave Neiwert, Author of ‘Alt-America‘ and Pacific Northwest correspondent for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I admit that his focus has been on the political right. What is more important from a standpoint of civic citizenship are the models seen as the film progresses. In that regard, having been prompted as to what to look for before watching, one can see the limited rhetorical and speaking skills of many in the film who are unconsciously self-portrayed  as cut-and-paste speakers prompted by someone else’s speeches, broadcasts and writing.

Cut-and-paste speakers are not limited to one side or the other, one point of view or the other. In fact it is the either you are with me/ or you are or against me that self-limits the audience size and attention span.



“How about the boy? Ya gonna hang him too or just beat him up some more?”

Is this how the United Federation of Planets gets started?

Space Force Enlisted Rank Insignias

The about to be established United States Space Force enlisted rank insignias. Well … mebbe … who will wear the red shirts for the away teams? They are always the first to get killed or eaten.

And another thing … don’t he know that any aliens out there that the Space Force finds are not going to be legal?

Alien and ICE

That’s it! Game Over! Tell the Admiral or General or whosis to call ICE. They can separate this thing from it’s kids.