Authored by one’s self and none other


A word spoken aloud, or an act performed a moment ago – or long ago – and heard or observed by someone else is not a thing that can be undone nor taken back.

A desire to retract, replace, or remove a word spoken aloud or an act observed involves personal integrity; or a continuation of one’s personal facade. In that regard one is found between the poles of cowardly courage or courageous cowardice.

Personal integrity is not the inherited dispensation of revered ancestors nor the flooded inundations of  cultural norm. It is authored by one’s self and none other.

One who understands that he knows nothing takes personal integrity to its normalcy. One who believes and supposes his own integrity to be subject to the common acceptance and approval of peers lives off someone else’s magic and will die mistaken.

Such is the formation of why morality – thinking that one must be right or wrong with a thing – is not a valid theory.


Thoughts about critical thinkers


Critical thinking is not short-term thinking. Short-term thinking is not unlike the short-term thinking of a basketball coach during a timeout toward the end of the game. Such thinking leads to quick-fix solutions.

However, in this country we are not in a timeout toward the end of the game even though verbal con-artists might use such a rhetorical theme to get you to buy snake oil. Nevertheless, short-term thinking is largely the rule of the day. We see this in the fact that great power seems to be wielded by little minds. The hard fact is that critical thinking does not seem to be a social value in the majority of minds in our society.

Changing the way we think in a fundamental way requires intellectual work. In my experience, having mentioned the word “intellectual” has possibly caused a significant portion of those reading this article to tune out.

Why is that?

Why do so many folks tend to feel like they should flee from the notion of being “intellectual” regarding the things about which we should in actuality exercise the intellect to its fullest possible capacity?

The answer is quite simple.

The majority of us do not think or appreciate the positive aspect of being seen as one who thinks before speaking. It seems as if a large number of us has been acculturated with a false notion of social disapproval for being or associating with so-called intellectuals. In truth, however,  the effectual intent of an intellectual mind has nothing to do with being or acting like a so-called “elite” or being the kind of someone who risks being ridiculed for trying to be smart. Imagine, if you will, someone who thinks before speaking, only to be criticized as hesitant, tentative or wishy-washy simply because the desire to speak accurately and truthfully outweighs the temptation to fire from the hip.
Changing one’s way of thinking requires intellectual work. It requires honest work to cope with understanding the extent of our personal ignorance. Smarties know this. Dummies pretend they know this but keep firing blindly from the hip. Changing one’s way of thinking is not a simple matter of deciding to change one’s perception of reality and of the apparent thoughts of other people.  One does not consider one’s own habitual self-perception and then suddenly and successfully pretend to think in a different way.

Critical thinking involves basic (not college-educated or well-read) intellectual skills; basic skills that many once thought was pure common sense. The thing about common sense is that it should originate from out of your own personal thinking, not from the opinions of other folks who of course live outside your own mind and appeal to you to accept their personal “common sense”.

Warning, these skills can be used to serve two incompatible ends: self-centeredness or fair-mindedness.

In thinking we use our skills in a selfish or in a fair-minded way. In other words, we can develop in such a way that we learn to ignore (self-centeredness) mistakes in our own thinking or appreciate them (fair-mindedness.)

Depending on our sense of fair-mindedness or self-centeredness, we may develop proficiency in making our opponent’s thinking look bad. When we do this from self-centeredness we might see mistakes in other’s thinking without being able to credit the strengths in those opposing views.

Liberals see flaws in the arguments of conservatives – but not their own; conservatives see mistakes in the arguments of liberals – but not their own.
Believers see mistakes in the thinking of nonbelievers – but not their own; nonbelievers see mistakes in the thinking of believers – but not their own.

Such kinds of thinkers are weak-sense critical thinkers; “weak” because, though it is working well in some respects, it fails to consider – in good faith – viewpoints that contradict its own viewpoint. It lacks fair-mindedness.

Another traditional name for the weak-sense thinker is found in the word sophist. Sophistry is the art of winning arguments regardless of problems in the thinking involved. Rhetoric and argumentation are lower-level skills, not higher, by which Sophists make bad thinking look good and good thinking look bad.

Some of the more effective tools are the use of emotions and trickery in an intellectually skilled way. The kryptonite that sophistic thinker need to avoid is strong-sense critical thinking.

Such thinkers are hard to stampede,
slow to believe,
able to hold things that are possible or probable so long as they remain factually intact and do so without certainty or the pain of emotional appeal,
can wait for evidence and weigh evidence,
can resist appeals to their dearest prejudice

Strong-sense critical thinkers strive to be fair-minded and to think in an ethically responsible manner.
They are not reluctant to work to understand and appreciate the viewpoints of others. They are willing to listen to arguments they do not necessarily hold.
They change their views when faced with better reasoning.
Rather than using their thinking to manipulate others and to hide from the truth (in a weak-sense way), they use thinking in an ethical, reasonable manner.


Having written that, I then am comfortable to write the following caveat about opinions with which I might find myself in disagreement:

If you want me to hear them and respond, please understand that I have been learning not-so-nice things about the nature of my own opinions as I have expressed them in the past. Furthermore, understanding has caused me to reconsider the worthiness of the thoughts of others in terms of whether or not I might respond.

If discussion looks possible, I will respond. Otherwise, your writing will be evaluated by these guidelines and possibly ignored:

“Unhealthy judgment is when you make generalizations. An unhealthy judgment makes no real inquiry. It only expresses a preconceived bias. Rather than inviting deeper understanding, the unhealthy judgment only expresses displeasure and narrow preconceptions about a person or situation.

The ego seeks to make quick critical judgments, without inquiring more deeply. This is because the ego is a lower function of the self. It is disconnected from the higher intuitive levels of the divine self, and disconnected from intelligence and common sense. The ego functions with a narrow, reactive response to everything.” – Joel Bruce Wallach



What the heck were you expecting your candidate to do if you voted for him?


This is a fair question regardless of whether you outwardly gave your reasons for your vote or, like fraidy cats, just came out from your dark places and voted, then returned to your dark places unwilling to admit or justify what you did?

Why did you vote for The Chosen?

Did you vote for him to governmentally stop or suppress our concerns about global warming? … Cause that’s what it looks like The Chosen is going to do.

Did you vote for The Chosen because you want to see Obamacare Repealed? Did you think that the Republicans have a genuine alternative. Please be honest and open because it looks like you voted against your own best interest.

Did you vote for him to take away financial protections for consumers … you know, not consuming corporations, but the little buyers and spenders like you and me?

Did you vote for him so he would appoint more Supreme Court Justices like Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Alito on the court? If you don’t recognize the names of those justices or their legal biases, I’m not surprised. At least then if answering this question, tell me that your reasons were all thought out by you; yours  and not someone else’s who told you what to think?

Did you vote for The Chosen so he, his party and his cabinet could take actions and make decisions to lower the minimum wage and suppress opportunities for things like overtime? Are you expecting and hoping that this leadership will reverse current rules that benefit workers? That’s exactly what The Chosen will try to do and what his appointees will pursue.

Did you vote for The Chosen so he would appoint an attorney general who has a history of trying to suppress the vote?

Did you vote for the Chosen in hopes that he, his cabinet and his party would authorize more tax cuts for the wealthy and for business at the expense of what used to be the working class?

Did you vote for The Chosen to see Medicare privatized so that it will wither on the vine, or Medicaid slashed?

If folks like me are to be persuaded by folks like you then you sort of owe it to us to explain your votes, your expectations and what you will do if The Chosen proves to have been merely saying what you wanted to hear so he could get the job.

Well …?

If you are too much of a moral coward to come out and address these issues, then admit that … but don’t keep hiding behind a big rock tossing verbal stones that cannot be justified in our direction.

Hat tip to Ian Reifowitz who wrote the article that inspired my questions. I quote him here:

Donald Trump won a majority of votes in the Electoral College by drawing an inside straight in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and thanks to the unprecedented interventions of Vladimir Putin and James Comey. But he lost the popular vote by a figure approaching 3 million. He can claim absolutely no legitimate popular mandate, yet he intends to implement the most right-wing agenda this country has seen in going on a century. There is no question he and his Republican allies in Congress are going to try. The only open question is what are we going to do about it.

Trump has no legitimate mandate from the American people. None.

Here’s one of the flagship publications of the American Corporate Welfare Capitalism – The Wall Street Journal – acknowledging the entire point of the article posted above that started these threads.

Trump Counties Would See Big Impact From Obamacare Repeal

Trump voters are worried he might take their Obamacare away


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March of the marionettes … they better not stop and look around and find regret.

Tribalism run amok: Now Donald Trump voters are worried he might take their Obamacare away Rural whites should have figured out that the GOP will slash their benefits — now they’ll find out the hard way

Sarah Kliff had a fascinating story in Vox on Tuesday about Donald Trump voters in Kentucky who are very concerned to learn that the president-elect plans to  follow through on his campaign promise to repeal Obamacare. Wait, you are probably screaming right now as you wipe coffee off your computer screen, these voters didn’t think he would really repeal Obamacare?

Well, no, they apparently did not.


Advice … Don’t vote with your mind asleep


Good heavens. You heard his promises. You bought his koolaid. You voted for him. Why the hell are you all afraidy and calling Planned Parenthood now?

THE RIGHT WING Shocked Trump Voters Are Calling Planned Parenthood Apparently, they had no idea they might lose their access to health care.

“Mike Pence unfortunately has said he would end that access to care… I run into women every single day who say, ‘You know that Planned Parenthood is the place I go for my annual exam; I don’t know where we’d go without you.'”

And while the battle to defund Planned Parenthood is heavily partisan, the organization’s clients are not.

“The women who come to Planned Parenthood, they are Republicans, they’re Democrats, they’re Trump voters. These are women who had no idea that their health care access was at stake,” Richards noted.

One week before the election, a Politico poll showed that, unlike Republicans in Congress, Trump voters predominantly support federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

“We’re seeing this as women are calling us and saying, ‘I voted for Donald Trump, but I had no idea I might lose my access to health care’; that’s the point we’re going to be making,” Richards explained.

Who are all these voters who bought the Republican snake oil?


Make America Grate

Here’s who they’re lookin for … mostly in red states where more government money is accepted than paid into the system.

K I N D E R G A R T E N   K ON S E R V A T I V E S


1.  Kindergarten Konservatives believe that the nation is a kommunity of citizens that requires strong leadership, kollective identity, and the will and ability to commit violence and wage war in order to keep the nation strong. War is action that creates national spirit and vitality.

2.   Kulture is created by the historically triumphant superior race now living in America. Kultural ideas are what give individuals identity and those who don’t look like Kindergarten Konservatives have no valid kultural contributions.Kindergarten Konservatives thus reject individualism. There is only one true way to see and believe things. Pluralism is a dysfunctional aspect of society. There is no way pluralism causes Amerika to establish a national identity and global personality.

3. It is obvious that there can be more than one political party but each party must have their version of the one true political view. In fact, a single-party state would not be a bad idea.
4. Openness and opposition to konservatism is harmful to America. Kindergarten Konservatives reject and resist the autonomy of cultural or ethnic groups who are not considered a legitimate part our nation and who refuse to assimilate or are unable to be assimilated. Attempts to create such autonomy are an affront and threat to the nation.
5.   Kindergarten Konservatives believe Amerika will be made greater the more korporations and big businesses are left alone.  The political system must include as a basic tenet a business right to consider any product or service as a marketable kommodity from which capitalism ordains a right to extort a profit.


6.   Kindergarten Konservatives accuse liberals of creating anarchy through the support of democracy. Economic classes are not capable of properly running a nation. A merit-based aristocracy of wealthy businessmen must preside so as to regiment a nation’s forces of production and secure Amerika’s independence.


7.   Kindergarten Konservatives believe in extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy. KKs advocate the use of threats or actual force against other countries in order to safeguard what is perceived as our Kountry’s national interests. We without shame proclaim Amerika to be the greatest country in the world and superior to all others.

Trump doesn’t scare them but men are afraid of this lady.


What’s Behind the Hillary Hatred Syndrome? – The Democratic contender has been disrespected like no other presidential nominee in history. Is it an accident that the rest of them were male?

This is where Gabler’s j’accuse is most apropos. Thrown off balance by their genuflections before the phony god of false equivalency, journalists had to strain to prove that they were not in the Clinton tank. Drowning themselves and their audiences in trivialities, it became a point of weird professional pride to batter away at this woman who, when she wasn’t too wonkish, was laughing too hard; if she wasn’t smiling too much, she was smiling too little — one way or the other always refusing to know her place.

Understandably transfixed by the spectacle of the vicious, bigoted demagogue sniffing around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, journalists missed another story: the reaction to the immense, unprecedented and culture-disrupting fact that a woman is poised to become president of the United States.

A woman! Imagine! A woman stands at the threshold of the men’s room!! And the protectors of that room are throwing up every bit of available debris to derail her.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of misogyny I mean. The kind the mainstream media is too blind or too timorous to call out.

Be afraid men! Be very afraid!! This is awesome: Women voting at higher rates than men relative to 2012 in EVERY STATE

I don’t always trust the internet but when I do I get my absolute Trump truthiness from Macedonia.


Trump supporters easily fooled by absurdly fake news created by Macedonian teenagers

Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has fueled the growth of phony “news” sites that are designed solely to clog up Trump fans’ Facebook feeds with pleasing information that they’ll want to eagerly share with their friends.

BuzzFeed has done some detective work and has discovered that more than 100 of these websites are being run by teenagers who live in the small town of Veles in the Eastern European country of Macedonia.

What’s even more amazing about these websites is that the people who run them tell BuzzFeed they don’t actually care about American politics — they just know that starting a pro-Trump website that spews out misinformation to Facebook and other social media is a goldmine right now.

How could I have ever forgotten those years in the 80’s when I was a devout dittohead when Rush dismissed female equality as mere notorious feminazism?


Right-Wing Media’s Vice Grip On The GOP Is Only Going To Get Tighter

More and more Republicans and conservatives concede that the GOP is facing an urgent crisis as the party teeters on a full-fledged crackup. Finding it increasingly difficult to field competitive presidential candidates, the GOP, after having handed over its identity to right-wing media voices for years, now struggles with how to move forward, and with how to repair the likely damage the Trump campaign will do to the party.

In other words, the party’s trying to figure out what to do when its public face resembles a rodeo clown like Sean Hannity, and when so many Republican voters live inside the right-wing, fact-free, Rush Limbaugh bubble that Trump so firmly embraced.

… But here’s what is unique about the GOP’s current crisis: Electorally, the party’s in desperate need of an overhaul. Parties on downswings have pulled off those kinds of rebranding efforts in the past. But the GOP has to try to remake itself while large and influential portions of the conservative media, including the conspiratorial “alt-right” media, fight the party at every step.

Fixing political parties is hard, arduous work that takes years of cooperative labor to pull off. Fixing political parties that are weighed down by an egomaniac-driven, multi-million dollar media industry that’s committed to spouting paranoid gobbledygook? That’s virtually impossible.

And that’s the bind the GOP now finds itself in. Even if it wanted to, the party simply cannot extricate itself from this poisonous parasite that has attached itself to the GOP’s vital organs.

Awe … too bad for Flush and Squawk.

Squawk Hannity rejected?

Bet that doesn’t sit well at the Blowhard News Network, not to mention in Orem, or Utah Valley University where St. Sean Of The Cross With Arrogant Smugness has a statue in the auditorium.

More than once I’ve heard the refrain from friends and family with whom I maintain a passing “relativity” that I just flat out read too much.

It’s a problem I’ve been stuck with most of my life … reading too much which is then followed up the equally destructive addiction of thinking too much about what I’ve been reading.

I’ve recently been given to more fully understand that the solution to all the problems in our country are essentially encountered in the simple (or was it simplistic?) minds of the simple (or was it simplistic?) followers of national conservative thinkers like Messrs  Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly and other members of that broadcast think-tank fraternity.

The key is in reducing complex issues into powerful straight forward but brief clarifications.

For example, unfounded concerns about climate change, pollution and ozone layers has been reduced to the straight forward clearing up of any confusion with Limbaugh’s dismissal of my concerns as the “neurotic hand wringing of tree hugging ‘environmentalist whackos.’”

Can it be any clearer than that?

And how could I have ever forgotten those years in the 80’s when I too was a devout dittohead and when Rush dismissed female equality issues as mere notorious “feminazism?”

Is there not something irrationally appealing about living in a world dominated by black-white certitude; where such things as nuances have no impact? That’s the beauty and loveliness of simple (or simplistic?) life in Right Country/

There has to be security in that psychic foreclosure stuff.

But their certitude consigns them to what psychoanalyst Erik Erikson called the state of psychic foreclosure.

Foreclosed persons are easily attracted to the beguilingly simple, one-size-fits-all belief systems of powerful others that they adopt as their own so as to avoid the sometimes lonely rigors of personal searching.

The foreclosed are the ready disciples of demagogues in every age. – Psychologist Paul Ginetty

It really isn’t about logic or common sense.

It really isn’t “I just wannabe loved.”

It’s more of “I want to be singing in the same choir and on the same page as somebody who is simply (or simplistically) famous, influential and popular among my friends.

It’s about an idea that no matter that I sacrifice my individuality and intellectual integrity so long as I am loved and respected by all my fellow sacrificers. We are they who willingly shout “Amen!” to the simple (simplistic?) profound declarations of the national blowhards – those talkers who willingly admit to never having read up on or pursued knowledgeable command of the topic they wish to deride.

It’s not about that kind of sacrifice … its about inclusion and a brothers-in-uninformed-arms intimacy with a voice on a tv screen or the radio.

As psychology professor Paul Ginetty wrote,

They get a chance to feel real smart when the master seems to agree with them, failing to see that it is actually they who are agreeing with him.

Yes, if I want to calm down and retire to a life of ignorant bliss I should repent, reconvert to ditto-headedness so that I too can enjoy a life of simplistic simple-mindedness.

… maybe even stake out a booth at the local Elk Snout Tavern where as a disciple I can spread the shallow gospel of simple arrogant ignorance

How come the smartest party (thinking they’re smarter than the President) does the dumbest things?


If they’re so damned smart how come ” They also blamed the president for failing to adequately warn them against supporting the measure.”???

Thanks, Obama: Republicans blame the president for opening a can of worms by overriding his veto of 9/11 bill

Congress Now Blaming Obama For Its Embarrassing Override Of His Veto

Yup … they’re coming to take me away ha ha ho ho he he …


I know that many who disagree with the dumb stuff I post – especially political or religious points of view – think act like there is something aberrant in how I got there (questioning how right they are versus how right I might be.)

Nonconformity and Freethinking Now Considered Mental Illnesses

Is nonconformity and freethinking a mental illness? According to the newest addition of the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), it certainly is. The manual identifies a new mental illness called “oppositional defiant disorder” or ODD. Defined as an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,” symptoms include questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed.

The DSM-IV is the manual used by psychiatrists to diagnose mental illnesses and, with each new edition, there are scores of new mental illnesses. Are we becoming sicker? Is it getting harder to be mentally healthy? Authors of the DSM-IV say that it’s because they’re better able to identify these illnesses today. Critics charge that it’s because they have too much time on their hands.

Seeing the hand of God at this moment in time.


These things come in cycles …

What goes around comes around …

And the wicked (whoever that is) shall harvest their crops …

Our wonderful Episcopal Dean spoke about global warning a few weeks ago from the Gaia point of view. Gaia – you know, Mother Nature, Planet Earth, the orb in space teeming with all the life that is hosted and provided for where we all reside. I can’t remember his exact words, but they conveyed this basic idea:

Mother Earth … our Planetary One is going to be fine. She is not going to be destroyed nor will she die. It is we who are in trouble. Mother Earth is telling us that she will be fine, but that she will no longer provide for our needs, protect us from the elements or the effect of the Sun and space on what happens. As if she says, “I can no longer take care of and protect you. You are on your own.”

So goes it with that mythic and so-called greatest country in the world. We have a young history in the timeline stream of nations and empires. Much of our American History is defined in history books as one long series of wars and political events – as if those are the only things that define us.

We’ve created our myths … notions such as American Exceptionalism, the country that saved the world from colonialism, communism, fascism and Nazism, not to mention Native American Depredations that we mythic-ally did not have coming to us,  a myth about racial and human equality that gets propounded fully so long as nothing happens to our un-admitted white supremacy (oops! I meant white privilege.)

More than one of our prominent and active national religious groups will not hesitate to declare that America is the choicest of global nations, even rumored to have been a country formed by God and long-sustained by a so-called curtain of protection based on our righteousness and rejection of church-defined spiritual “evils” … until by changing our minds we offended a thin-skinned God who – as Brother Falwell and Prophet Robertson insisted – withdrew his curtain of protection, resulting in the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

So in global and national affairs, I am willing to agree with my Dean regarding the fact that God and Nature have always done what God and Nature does and that rather than punish us for abusing the planet, we are entitled and obligated to reap the whirlwind, so to speak, and get what is coming to us.

However, and for me this is the best part about God and Nature whether they have a totally unbounded sense of  humor or a magnificent sense of irony – about which we dumb humans are mostly ignorant, I have a limited and mere mortal observation regarding the Divine (whatever that is) in our American lives.


Over the years our politics have careened out of control. When? Hell, I don’t know. But the signs were all there going way back.

We won a war of independence, our revolution, in the usual way. We became models for revolutions in Europe, Mexico and South America and who knows where else in the subsequent 240 years. We seemed to assume perhaps that we were the role models and mentors for the overthrowing of tyranny everywhere. In this we took ourselves way too seriously. (Think the Monroe Doctrine among others.)

We got too big for our britches and challenged a recent loser (England in that prior war) and in 1812 would up having to accept a draw this time that included the British Army sacking and burning our sacred national capital.

We pounded our chests politically for decades and argued about whether or not Black Lives Mattered, tied that question to our expanding statehoods and Manifest Destiny, and ended up in a civil war over that question.

We also experienced one or two come-uppances from the Native Americans over whom we trod with a massive military superiority that left them hopelessly outgunned and outnumbered. And we bragged about our exploits and made heroes of our ego-driven greed-driven and ambition-driven gun toters and money bags. Little Big Horn left us braying like milquetoasts who had been unfairly and undeservedly mugged in Central Park.

And  our white supremacy religion became an aider and abetter to the notion that our superior morale clarity came from one of the worst fundamentalist Christian attitudes ever.

Still we did not learn, initiating wars of conquest (contrary to our National Myth and think war with Spain, the Maine explosion and San Juan Hill.)

We warred two world wars to make the world safer for everybody and that was good.

But we didn’t do it alone. Although some large-mouthed drugstore patriots like to make much of how we seemingly single-handedly won WWII and to quote the notorious Bush-years patriots, “saved France’s bacon,” it was not America that took everything Hitler could throw at them and were still standing at the end (that was Great Britain). It was not America who took everything Hitler could throw at them, lose 20-million citizens which was humongously more than we lost and was still standing (that was the Soviet Union.)

It was true, we got to the big firecracker before the Nazis did and it can be said we ended the war with a bang, rather than with a mature and well-thought out demonstration that might have resulted in a negotiated end.

Hence we today continue our global and national swagger, led by our politicians and more increasingly contributed to by our journalists, our broadcasters and our celebrities of every stripe. The swagger led to wars in which we could not longer claim victory, only stalemate, or worse, humiliation. Our politicians however still maintained the rattling saber in most directions; and new directions as well (wars on drugs, wars on poverty, wars on you-name-it.)

The rattling saber seemed to have become the first tool off every politician’s shelf. Over time it only got worse.

In the 1980’s the religious right woke up and got involved and since they were mostly reactionary amateurs, jumped into the middle of the political fray with little civic understanding and a big ego that insisted that God is angry with the unsaved. They presumed themselves to be the loud, vociferous and indignant voice of the God who had decided to interject his patriarchal self into the national affairs of the world’s chosen nation.

Partisan politics  became to poorly thought-out tactic of the party who had for years been in the congressional minority despite having elected several presidents. That party wanted a political and social reboot, thinking that the only way to get the same would be to overwhelm the opposing but dominant and equally corrupt democratic party.

We continued to advance technologically without the help of God. We continued to advance psychologically and especially did the research and honed the skills in marketing, persuasion and outright brain-washing.

That for the most part is how Conservative politics devolved since the 1980’s into a perceived majority of American Righteousnes. Liberal became a dirty word, a label comparative to communist, traitor, less-than-human and even the N word (although most of the cut-and-paste labelers on social media cannot accurate define or portray a liberal or liberal philosophy.) The simple reason is that in so-labeling a political viewpoint, masses of voters could be trained in a mindless way to reject any idea not Conservatively Approved.

It’s not unlike a fundamentalist religion that trains its members to react in knee-jerk fashion when someone offers a perspective contrary to the group think or questions a perspective commonly-held and revered within the group.  In that regard, a contrary opinion is on the road to heresy and apostasy.

So goes it with our current political environment. We on the same side are the good guys and you on the other side (or vice versa) all are the bad guys the less-than-worthy.

Which brings me to my own intuitive mindset.

I don’t believe in a co-dependent God who interjects himself into human affairs. Such a God would not be God if that were the reality. God would be a partisan, nit-picking, helicoptering heavenly parent who doesn’t trust us to ever be wise.

But … having said that, I would express the idea that if I were the loyal believer in a Divine Meddler, I would have to evoke the Left-Behind spirit of prophecy and make this comment about how such a Lord has decided that silliness has gone on long enough.

In this moment in time only (and not forever and in any way to vindicate or indicate that Democrats are now the good guys,) I come to the idea that started this essay:

These things come in cycles …

What goes around comes around …

And the wicked (whoever that is) shall harvest their crops …

The desperate and radical country-changing plot initiated by party and ideological strategists in the late 1970’s has come to culmination in 2016.

God is about to shake the snow-globe.

Republicans, with a long recent history of propaganda, rhetoric, and broadcast manipulation have created a Krakon-Beast they should have had the wisdom to see coming down that escalator when Candidate Trump first came out of his closet.

That Krakon-Beast has now been release, is on the prowl and about to possibly destroy the party despite the best efforts of party leaders at salvaging. Their downline candidates are at greater risk with the implication being that majorities in the Senate and House are at risk, driven mostly by the Krakon disaster.

That Krakon and his 14 million angry mostly white voters will not prevail in a country where recently the total vote was approaching 120 million, and just might cost the party majorities in both houses of Congress, particularly when anti-gerrymandering legislation is in the wind.

That Krakon has brought out the worst of our human emotions and actions and – aided and abetted by broadcasters who need to make a story where a story doesn’t exist – almost daily lower our national civic IQ.


Faux News,the flagship broadcaster, is mired in a sex scandal that tends to cover up the fact of its shrinking audience of viewers who believe that what is broadcast is in actuality fair and balanced. (Think the hysterics of Hannity and O’Reilly – neither of whom are no longer widely admired or trusted.)  Murdoch has to do something about the loss of news credibility. Although the FN audience has not dwindled to the mere 14 million who voted for Trump, but it just may get there before the owners decide to change tactics (thereby causing CNN and the rest to ponder a return to old-fashioned real journalism.)

The intersection of the emergence of the Krakon, the fall of the broadcaster, the cyclic rebound of the opposing political philosophy and – I might suggest – that God is re-shaking the snow-globe … just a little bit.

At least there is more hope than in recent years … from a fundamentalist view, that is.


Vote … vote for competence as you yourself define competence. And quit telling me who you will or won’t vote for based on what someone else taught or convinced you to accept without you doing any personal work. Laziness is why we are where we are in this moment of intersecting disasters.