Okay … I’ve seen and read enough. The reality, my fellow Americans, as all the hostile-to-liberal memes spew, is American “crookedness.”

In leaked recording, key House Republican suggests GOP must keep House to protect Trump from Mueller

The leaked recording was made in Spokane last week where Rep Nunes was speaking on behalf of Crooked Cathy.

We are cursed with Crooked Donald, Crooked Devin, Crooked Paul, Crooked Mitch, Crooked Orrin, and all the Crookeds who have been indicted … and a very very crooked and lying G O P.

Crooked isn’t the only thing with the G O P.. In a very short time you could very well be asked to support a party whose dominant social and political philosophy is white nationalism – an extremely myopic and narcissistic view of what the United States of America should be.

The White Nationalists Are Winning Fox News anchors and high-profile politicians are now openly pushing the racism of the alt-right. The fringe movement’s messages have permeated the mainstream Republican Party.

In a related development comic Andy Borowitz has this to offer in The New Yorker
Republicans Projected to Pick up Seventy Seats in Prison