Freelance Writing Services

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I’m a freelance writer and offer written and publication services to assist in your creation of effective professionally written communications.

Writing for the websites: Blog articles, product pages, company about pages, etc.

Public relations writing: Campaign Writings, Press releases, Speeches, Public statements, etc.

Social commentary or op-ed writing: Essays, opinion pieces, analysis of social issues and trends

Academic writing: Articles, essays, or reports for academic journals, textbooks, or class materials

News writing: Articles for print or online, scripts for news broadcasts, feature stories for magazines, etc.

Business writing: HR documents, company memos, training manuals, stories for trade publications, etc.

Technical writing: Detailed instructions, operations manuals, user manuals, assembly instructions, etc.

Ghostwriting: Writing for another person under their name (this can apply to many of the above types of writing)

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