Imagination and Curiosity murdered by Entertainment

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Or maybe my title would better fit as “Entertainment and Laziness: The Imperfect Couple.”

Wise ones tell us over and over how the more things change the more they stay the same. The more we pride ourselves on invention and the progress of civilized society with technological wonders, the more our majority loses its innocence and the most vital aspect of living, imagination.

We trust what legalistic thinking minds tell us in terms of science, technology, gadgets and consumer pleasure.

We trust what legalistic thinking minds tell us politically. We replace our own ability  to imagine peace, justice or community with assumptions based on some persuasive legalistic mind whose theories represent the ultimate bookishness.

We trust what the legalistic thinking minds tell us  in the pseudo-spiritual realm of religion. We seem to have lost our ability to imagine a loving non-judgmental God of compassion who is not interested in power, control, authority, or spiritual warfare against a satanic banshee that does not exist.

We retreat to our entertainment in the shallowest end of our swimming pools. Is there only an endless repetition of increasingly shallow entertainment and conformity-addicted mental processes?

Laws, Entertainment and Where They are Worshipped

Let’s see now, ya got yer laws of gravity, planetary motions, conservation of energy, thermodynamics, and on … and on … even a law of motion that had to be replaced by a theory, of all things, of relativity.

Where do these laws accumulate, hang out together, fester like bats in a cave? Where else but in sacred science volumes; textbooks, treatises, and the journals of the priesthood of science.

The notion of a cutting edge of research and development of new science and technology breakthroughs is offset more and more by the death of imagination and creativity as a prevalent consciousness among humans.

The more we become satisfied with newer and lower levels of entertainment, the greater the death of that restless spirit that moved our predecessors across unknown oceans.

We become dominated by an imaginative and creative few who – willingly and knowledgeably or otherwise – work themselves into monopolistic dominance of what we as an entire race are willing to attempt, imagine or accomplish.

And then ya got yer laws from the One Who Created It All, more frequently expressed as “commandments” although the actual legal aspects can be found in the guise of “theology” which is nothing more than unprovable opinion. You know, stuff that promises that if you break the laws when you die and God will slap you around and make you damn sorry you ever doubted.

We seem infested with  unimaginative and non-creative authoritarians who attempt entertainment models based on economic formulas and lists. We seem infested with parasites attempting to establish in personal celebrity a monopolistic dominance of what we as a society are willing to attempt, imagine, believe and accomplish.

Lives constructed totally around a blind acceptance of someone else’s definition of non-existent laws is a process of deterioration. We devolve from a society of courageous explorers, doubters, and adventurers to a cowardly collection of believers seeking safety in the restricted confines of entertainment.

In that regard there is no difference between which entertainment you choose to relieve you of will and ambition.

If imagination is dying because of your fear of being thought of as marching outside the parade, you will lose.

Then we will lose you.

… a form of soul murder