Intelligent Design from the Silly Section. I don’t think we could trust these fellows to successfully change a flat tire.

I want you to speak English or get out

Fox News Brian Kilmeade on Jeb Bush campaigning in Spanish:

“I tell you, I agree with Donald Trump because I’ve been in the locker room before when there is Spanish speaking, especially the soccer locker room and now the baseball locker room, and when the Spanish reporters are talking to the player in Spanish, we sit around and go ‘what’s going on here? What country are we in?’ I think that unless it is a Spanish speaking group of press, I think Donald Trump is 100 percent right. “

… Well heck! Next thing ya know the only candidates for Most Valuable Player must be those able to speak English in the locker room so one-language-limited gringo reporters can interview them … as if that were more important the HR’s, RBI’s and No-Hitters.