I would call this child abuse and rank it among the worst kinds.



What the hell is this?

And why are there so many of these fix-up-the-teen sites in Utah?

Adults running this sort of silliness – especially at $10,000 per month – and the parents who stupidly send their kids to silliness are in reality un-diagnosed troubled adults.

This is the social “law and order” mentality that attempts to breed unnecessary and harmful conformity into a new generation of already adult-children.

The Troubled-Teen Industry a Disaster

Like for-profit prisons invested in keeping inmate numbers high in the name of bottom line, this industry needs teens to stay troubled … and deliberately or otherwise they have figured out how to make it happen.

One comment

  1. Sometimes, not always, but definitely sometimes, I wonder whether the Helping Professions result in symbiotic relationships feeding each other. Other times, they just seem downright parasitic!

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