Send The Chosen to inauguration with a mandate for integrity and grown-up actions.


I seriously doubt that voting America is on any page with mere continuation of Republican business-as-usual now that their majorities are a reality. I believe those Americans who went to the polls in November most likely voted what their gut – as propagandized and exploited by The Chosen – has already told them. They heard him, they believed him and now immediately stand waiting, some with hats in hand:

“Oh Mighty Chosen, something is wrong … very wrong … and needs immediate fixing. No more promises, thank you! Immediate action please!”

As shown by many of the Chosen’s supporters, there is no need for restraint right now – for example, the problems in the Middle East can be reduced to an exercise in political and foreign policy impatience.

WHEN, Oh Chosen One?

Many seem to think that civic patience somehow meant that you should only speak once for ten minutes every four years. The rest of the time let someone else’s magic be the civic consciousness of a nation.

Hang in there citizens! When you vote The Chosen into office, ONLY THEN can a responsible plan to stop the loss can be worked out and implemented.”


It will already be too late by then.

“Plans” that falsely justify a mean drunk staying in the house of the abused to wreak more havoc in the name of moral responsibility is political spin. It’s a spin that attempts to prey on assumed electoral gullibility.

At its manipulative best it only gets worse especially when never lessened by a media in need of money-generating pseudo-campaign issues.

Even now we are not being guided to the moral or ethical high ground. Rather, the sound bite “nonsense-mongers” will now lead us up mere sand dunes. “Winning” voters in America are ready to rumble right now. Hopefully they are ready and inclined to expect immediate results that justify their votes and mindless trust of The Chosen.

What is needed now  and possible right here is not the mindless marching, chanting and banner-carrying protests that cause most to tune out. There is in fact – right now – national arousal in terms of an unlit fuse is just waiting for ignition. It is palpable in this country and you can feel it.

Dissatisfaction and a sense of something being seriously wrong and rotten permeates the mood of most whenever politics comes into discussion.

What can you do right now?

If you get polled, stick to those talking points the politicos are most nervous about. Express and emphasize unleashed and unbridled indignation that reflects RIGHT NOW frustration; genuine anger.

Cut The Chosen no slack. He never asked for slack, promising to start doing the stuff for which he was voted in immediately.

Delay is poor decision-making. Rather than waiting, speak out now if you are polled. And immediately start letter-writing and phone calls to those who are most nervous.

A national growl is sticking in our craws and begging release.

Don’t send lazy emails that tempt your politicians to respond with cookie-cutter form letters. Write a real letter and buy a stamp. Then pay a little more for a notification that the letter was received. Is your feeling for your country worth a letter, a stamp and and extra cents for notification of receipt?

Or call them up. Demand a specific response.

No form letter thank you!
No aide calling back with vague promises.
Demanded a personal response from your representatives. They work for you and have no right to imply to you that you are interrupting more important business. Your business is their business. They cannot pick and choose.

Why not? What have you got to lose by communicating just how fed up you are?
The key is to reveal right away that two years is a very short time; that we are an electorate genuinely pissed off enough to repudiate any candidate who proposes a “plan” rather than vows to change things the very moment he/she is sworn in.

Repudiation is precisely the buzz-saw waiting for The Chosen and his self-absorbed assumption that America is pining away for nothing more than a CEO-President with no domestic or foreign policy agenda.

Newly-elected presidents need to arrive at inauguration scared, worried and nervous. They need to be sworn in fully aware that something is expected NOW; that conditions are such that there is not going to be a 100-day honeymoon. There is no other choice.

An electorate that communicated that kind of impatience needs to sweep aside all the muck and nonsense. We can and must narrow the range of focus in this post-election moment.

All the pomp and bravado means nothing The Chosen needs feet held to the fire. He needs a sense of being one or two miscues from running scared because the electorate has legitimately convinced the winner that now means NOW. He was elected by uninformed badgers, not uninformed field mice.

Why would we need to listen to planners and political schemers and leave the door open to stall, delay and political manipulation?.
… tempting those we endorse to say to hell with what we expect.
… believing they can take just a little bit longer so they can have what they want?
Is that what you want?

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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