“Donald Trump did not sit atop a global empire. He was not an intuitive genius … He had a small, sad global operation”

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I support a statute of limitations for not allowing any more boomers to run for national elected office. Our track record is iffy already, and now with Dirty Dingus Magee trying to run and hide from the law …. well …


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We are now in the End Stages of the Trump presidency


Of course Trump is raging and furious and terrified. Prosecutors are now looking at his core.

Cohen was the key intermediary between the Trump family and its partners around the world; he was chief consigliere and dealmaker throughout its period of expansion into global partnerships with sketchy oligarchs. He wasn’t a slick politico who showed up for a few months. He knows everything, he recorded much of it, and now prosecutors will know it, too. It seems inevitable that much will be made public.

We don’t know when.

We don’t know the precise path the next few months will take.

There will be resistance and denial and counterattacks. But it seems likely that, when we look back on this week, we will see it as a turning point. We are now in the end stages of the Trump Presidency.



Why you big chicken!

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I’m leaving. Send in Sarah, she can take it.

Come out here and fight like a man!!
Don’t hide behind Sarah’s skirts!!!

From the White House Correspondents Association:

“The White House has informed us that the president does not plan to participate in this year’s dinner but that he will actively encourage members of the executive branch to attend and join us as we celebrate the First Amendment.” 

Looks like Michelle Wolf has got him trembling in  his twittering jammies:
Well, I guess to Donald she does look big and scary

“I’m just excited Sarah [Huckabee] finally gets to go to prom,” comedian Michelle Wolf joked to The Daily Beast ― in reference to the news that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would represent the Trump administration at the head table at the April 28 event.

Trump himself will not attend, for the second year in a row.

The White House Correspondents’ Association hosts the annual shindig traditionally frequented by journalists, celebrities and the president. Margaret Talev, the association’s president, confirmed via a tweeted statement on Friday that Trump is planning to skip this year’s event:

Trump has repeatedly attacked the media, and often dubs news outlets that report critically on his administration as “fake news.” In 2011, former President Barack Obama and comedian Seth Meyers both used their speeches to poke fun at then-reality TV personality Trump. 

Last year, Trump became the first president not to take part in the dinner since 1981, when then-President Ronald Reagan was recovering at Camp David from an assassination attempt and gave his address by telephone.


Update from the Ring of Fire


The Washington Post recently conducted interviews with several White House staffers where they admitted that Sean Hannity “basically has a desk” at the White House, and that he and the President speak on the phone quite frequently. Among the things they discuss are what the President should tweet out to the public, meaning that Sean Hannity is helping the President draft his horrid, juvenile tweets. Fox News is calling the shots in America today, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.


Uh oh … Michael Cohen’s Client … defeating terrorism, despotism and liberalism

What is the height of nonsense?


The image above?

Or an elephant hanging over a cliff with its tail tied to a daisy?

Or an ant on a leaf floating down a river; laying on its back with an erection screaming “Raise The Drawbridge!”

Or what looks like a myopic and self-serving quote below.

 “There cannot be two kinds of medicine—conventional and alternative. There is only medicine that has been adequately tested and medicine that has not… ” (Angell and Kassirer, 1998 [NEJM])-European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC)

Sounds to me like EASAC is taking a position not unlike the absolute we-have-the-truth of fundamentalist religions. You know the type:

“You’re a failure as a human being if you haven’t accepted Jesus as your personal savior.”

“There is only one true path to heaven and you ain’t on it.”

In this country of self-styled heroes, our medical establishment seems to be in the heroics business. You know, the more heroic the business the greater the profits to the establishment.

Personally, having undergone a few surgeries, I have to be impressed with the degree of heroic medicine applied on my behalf.

However, I fail to be impressed by the minimal degree of preventative maintenance medicine which fails in comparison and tends to emphasize symptom-driven medication produced by an industry more interested in your preexisting or non-existing condition for which they can offer an expensive medication complete with more-harm-than-good warnings.

There’s money to be made in learning how to cut and stitch but not so much in learning how to sit and discuss preventatives long before their lack leads to a need to cut and stitch.

Which brings me to self-care … you know, being invested in taking ownership of your own health before it becomes too late and you have to hand it off to someone who offers an assortment of relief projects, each with a price tag you might not have had to pay earlier.


According to Wikipedia self-care is this:

Self-care is considered a primary form of care for patients with chronic conditions who make many day-to-day decisions, or self-manage, their illness.

Self-management is critical and self-management education complements traditional patient education in primary care to support patients to live the best possible quality of life with their chronic condition.

Self-care is learned, purposeful and continuous.

In philosophy, self-care refers to the care and cultivation of self in a comprehensive sense, focusing in particular on the soul and the knowledge of self.

Self-care then has to mean taking charge of and remaining in charge of your own body and it’s healthy or not-healthy state.

Once upon a time I seriously thought about becoming a Naturopath and  registering at Bastyr University in Seattle. Didn’t do it and now at 71 sincerely wish that I had.

aromatherapy treatment with herbal flowers

If I ever need a medical hero I know who to call. If I do not yet need a hero, but do need more preventative information about how to extend my life, I’m learning about a myriad of sources of that knowledge. These sources take work; take a personal investment in time and thought and an ability to listen to my own body’s messages to me about something being wrong.

Herbs … I have been into herbs for a long time … and am now on a path to learning more while taking notes, keeping binders and staying busy doing what I should have been doing for a long time.

I am newly into a DIY look at essential oils and aroma therapy. It’s not important if folks like the EASAC or their American medical fundamentalist colleagues don’t like how I’m trying to inform myself in every venue of self-care available to me. An essential oil diffuser aromatizes our house and makes it more enjoyable than the antiseptic or weak flowery nonsense from a Glade deoderizer.

We own several reference books on smart medicine. natural and synthetic pharmaceuticals and home remedies from which I trust my instincts and ability to google without being bamboozled by an overweight pharma interested only in selling me relief accompanied by 15-yard-penalty of warnings about side effects.

I’m having fun, so far have not stumbled into danger and have a med-provider at the VA who I trust even if some of the advice is predictably founded on heroic fix-it medicine. After all, it was the consequence of my most recent physical exam and the encouragement of my sweetheart that led to the VA issuing me a CPAP that markedly improved the quality of my sleeping and brought about an easing of the danger from apnea.

I believe I am missing the boat regarding my own well-being if I wait around in ignorance hoping that the heroes can save my life and buy my a few more years.


triv·i·al·ize: (verb) to make (something) seem less important, significant, or complex than it really is.

Whoever succeeds Mr. Trump and whenever that is, the first order of business will be to un-trivialize the office of President of the United States; to make it mean something other than what it stands for in this moment.

The article is honest, blunt and expresses my sense of what the most immature baby -boomer of them all has accomplished.

Donald Trump Is Just a Figurehead

 … he has the title and he has the bully pulpit—from which he’s bullying everyone from NBA players to people protesting white supremacists to DACA kids.

But he’s not actively governing the United States. That work is happening elsewhere—in Congress, the courts, the Fed, the career civil service, lobbyists, and in the states. Or it’s not happening at all.

It’s not just that Trump lost the epic battle to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Trump never understood the Affordable Care Act to begin with, and played no part in developing Republican alternatives.

When some among us seriously harm the rest of the world in our name.


To no one’s surprise, the response tends to be essentially “ho hum” and “yea so?” Yet we bloggers really are among the most civically active members of society and I wonder how it is that we got so sophisticatedly wise about political campaign strategy and remain so inept, ignorant and apathetic about genuine civic responsibility?

There are duties required by that  responsibility when things go wrong or when some among us seriously harm the rest of the world in our name.

There’s a notion that the most rapid path toward resolution of all America’s faults and mistakes –  not to mention restitution and repentance – lies merely in working to elect specific candidates. It is an empty and naive sentiment.

Civic responsibility is love of country and not about looking for or appreciating merely doing the least we must.

That’s like the Survivor nonsense. Some are voted out and some stay. The game will continue with a new slate of contestants next season.

It’s not unlike loving to shop for our favorite foods or things while having no idea about all the processes involved that brought our delectables to market.

We seem to consider the purchase itself a more significant and needful event than the actual creation – the bringing into being of that thing which we desire to possess.

Buyers may know how to cook, use or wear something they can easily obtain repeatedly and casually by mere purchase without any knowledge of the effort and circumstances that make such a purchase possible.

We may even consider ourselves knowledgeable afficionados about that which we glorify but in reality we have no idea.

We may even pooh pooh someone else’s concerns because  we can persuasively justify our investment of time, energy and emotional resources in our favorite things.

Such in fact is what I’m doing right now in grinding my ax about civics, national reputation, morality and conscience and not paying attention to getting a candidate elected or another defeated.

I admit it

So what’s your excuse?

How is it you can get excited or discouraged about the most recent polls, political stupidity, chicanery and  deception and how that might cost someone the election without making noise about REAL social global justice?

Will an election loss make for you a disaster that many seem to emotionally equate to your favorite teams’s having lost the Super Bowl?

Or perhaps your civic sense is a touch more intense than that. Perhaps losing the election will be result in a vague civic unease  that in actuality is mere intellectual awareness while we go about our post-election consumption?

How can we get so lost in the heat and competition of emotional politics but never arouse  a mature and wise emotion when we know we  ought to?

Are we genuinely moved to care about our future – a future that will be an undeniable consequence of failure to perceive past events honestly and accurately and failure to set them right?

Can Veterans of my generation still make a difference?

Hell, I don’t know.

I tell my own children and older grandchildren flat out that my generation has greatly and comprehensively screwed up their future; that they absolutely must take back their country in a way they themselves see fit.

How they do that is theirs to figure out. They should not believe that they can be told honestly and truthfully by any political party or church as to who they vote for without question.

They won’t take back their country by choosing more of the same thing that brought all this foolishiness to pass.

If we cannot and will not look at the future in that manner then those of us who don’t care; those of us who shrug it all off are THE citizens of an imperial nation that continues raping less able societies abroad.

We are the citizens who sustain the Imperial States of America and will make of the coming blowback events an ugly reality.

When a Kindergarten fiscal Konservative asks, “How ya gonna pay fer it?” , here’s your answer.

800 bases
When a Kindergarten fiscal Konservative asks, “How ya gonna pay fer it?” , here’s your answer.
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On Republican rationale for “reforming” health care, education, and all the other pious patriotic talk about supposedly wanting our country to “live within a budget” …
Hell that’s what most of us have always had to do (well those of us who learned how to spend less than we take in). We’ve always done that.
So how come we don’t look at all our budget expenses and adjust spending according to legitimate Constitutional priorities , i.e. the “insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare” stuff?
How much – regardless of which party is in charge – are we spending on the following … and why?
Ask your Congresspersons that question. Ask them to tell you why we need to spend so much on this particular budget item at the expense of, say, universal health care, free college education, housing solutions for homelessness.
Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire (American Empire Project) Chalmers Johnson and it’s $10 on Kindle and less than $15 in paperback