triv·i·al·ize: (verb) to make (something) seem less important, significant, or complex than it really is.

Whoever succeeds Mr. Trump and whenever that is, the first order of business will be to un-trivialize the office of President of the United States; to make it mean something other than what it stands for in this moment.

The article is honest, blunt and expresses my sense of what the most immature baby -boomer of them all has accomplished.

Donald Trump Is Just a Figurehead

 … he has the title and he has the bully pulpit—from which he’s bullying everyone from NBA players to people protesting white supremacists to DACA kids.

But he’s not actively governing the United States. That work is happening elsewhere—in Congress, the courts, the Fed, the career civil service, lobbyists, and in the states. Or it’s not happening at all.

It’s not just that Trump lost the epic battle to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Trump never understood the Affordable Care Act to begin with, and played no part in developing Republican alternatives.


When some among us seriously harm the rest of the world in our name.


To no one’s surprise, the response tends to be essentially “ho hum” and “yea so?” Yet we bloggers really are among the most civically active members of society and I wonder how it is that we got so sophisticatedly wise about political campaign strategy and remain so inept, ignorant and apathetic about genuine civic responsibility?

There are duties required by that  responsibility when things go wrong or when some among us seriously harm the rest of the world in our name.

There’s a notion that the most rapid path toward resolution of all America’s faults and mistakes –  not to mention restitution and repentance – lies merely in working to elect specific candidates. It is an empty and naive sentiment.

Civic responsibility is love of country and not about looking for or appreciating merely doing the least we must.

That’s like the Survivor nonsense. Some are voted out and some stay. The game will continue with a new slate of contestants next season.

It’s not unlike loving to shop for our favorite foods or things while having no idea about all the processes involved that brought our delectables to market.

We seem to consider the purchase itself a more significant and needful event than the actual creation – the bringing into being of that thing which we desire to possess.

Buyers may know how to cook, use or wear something they can easily obtain repeatedly and casually by mere purchase without any knowledge of the effort and circumstances that make such a purchase possible.

We may even consider ourselves knowledgeable afficionados about that which we glorify but in reality we have no idea.

We may even pooh pooh someone else’s concerns because  we can persuasively justify our investment of time, energy and emotional resources in our favorite things.

Such in fact is what I’m doing right now in grinding my ax about civics, national reputation, morality and conscience and not paying attention to getting a candidate elected or another defeated.

I admit it

So what’s your excuse?

How is it you can get excited or discouraged about the most recent polls, political stupidity, chicanery and  deception and how that might cost someone the election without making noise about REAL social global justice?

Will an election loss make for you a disaster that many seem to emotionally equate to your favorite teams’s having lost the Super Bowl?

Or perhaps your civic sense is a touch more intense than that. Perhaps losing the election will be result in a vague civic unease  that in actuality is mere intellectual awareness while we go about our post-election consumption?

How can we get so lost in the heat and competition of emotional politics but never arouse  a mature and wise emotion when we know we  ought to?

Are we genuinely moved to care about our future – a future that will be an undeniable consequence of failure to perceive past events honestly and accurately and failure to set them right?

Can Veterans of my generation still make a difference?

Hell, I don’t know.

I tell my own children and older grandchildren flat out that my generation has greatly and comprehensively screwed up their future; that they absolutely must take back their country in a way they themselves see fit.

How they do that is theirs to figure out. They should not believe that they can be told honestly and truthfully by any political party or church as to who they vote for without question.

They won’t take back their country by choosing more of the same thing that brought all this foolishiness to pass.

If we cannot and will not look at the future in that manner then those of us who don’t care; those of us who shrug it all off are THE citizens of an imperial nation that continues raping less able societies abroad.

We are the citizens who sustain the Imperial States of America and will make of the coming blowback events an ugly reality.

When a Kindergarten fiscal Konservative asks, “How ya gonna pay fer it?” , here’s your answer.

800 bases
When a Kindergarten fiscal Konservative asks, “How ya gonna pay fer it?” , here’s your answer.
(This page is huge)
On Republican rationale for “reforming” health care, education, and all the other pious patriotic talk about supposedly wanting our country to “live within a budget” …
Hell that’s what most of us have always had to do (well those of us who learned how to spend less than we take in). We’ve always done that.
So how come we don’t look at all our budget expenses and adjust spending according to legitimate Constitutional priorities , i.e. the “insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare” stuff?
How much – regardless of which party is in charge – are we spending on the following … and why?
Ask your Congresspersons that question. Ask them to tell you why we need to spend so much on this particular budget item at the expense of, say, universal health care, free college education, housing solutions for homelessness.
Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire (American Empire Project) Chalmers Johnson and it’s $10 on Kindle and less than $15 in paperback

When the going gets tough, the Republican Toughies hide


Cowards of the county … real snowflakes …. genuine cut-and-runs … bait-and-switchers … like the one we got in Eastern Washington District 5 who is touted as the most powerful Republican woman in the House.

They got nothing.

They wanted to run things … they got their wish … no one to blame but themselves and can’t dodge that bullet.

GOP Leaders Hiding From Angry Constituents To Avoid Obamacare Questions

By the way, Tom Cotton is the “big tough guy who committed borderline treason by sending a letter to Iran telling them not to comply with the Iran nuclear agreement, directly undercutting the President of the United States, that guy, the military guy, big tough guy, you know, he is running away from his constituents.”


The Republican Party still wants to repeal Obamacare. The Republican Party still has no idea what they’re going to replace Obamacare with. They know that, but more importantly, the public knows that and that’s why over the last couple of weeks, people have been showing up to offices of Republican representatives demanding answers, saying tell us what you’re going to replace it with. They’re not even necessarily saying don’t replace it, don’t get rid of it. They’re just saying, “We need to know that a replacement will be in place the second you repeal this, and we want to know what it is. After all, we elected you. We put you in office. The least you could do is tell us what you’re working on.”, but the public knows the answer. They know that the Republicans have absolutely nothing in the pipeline that would indicate that they have a replacement ready to go for Obamacare.

…It’s not just Tom Cotton. Peter Roskam in Illinois, same thing. His office is no longer taking calls. They’re not accepting any calls from angry constituents wanting to know what the replacement’s going to be. They’re not taking calls from people who just want to know what you want to repeal it. Can you just answer that question and tell us why and not because Obama did it and not because you want a patient-centered healthcare plan? As Paul Ryan likes to say, fancy words that mean absolutely nothing. Patient-centered? Seriously, what does that mean, Republicans? Representative Barbara Comstock, same thing, hiding from her constituents, just like Tom Cotton and just like the entire Republican party right now.

They just want to talk to the senator.

“I’m no threat to the Senator  or his staff.

45’s inability to handle this stuff is what leads to more fumbles.

trumps new clothes.png
He’s lost in his narcissism. One of the best instruments of resistance in dealing with 45 has proven to be mockery, satire and parody. Consider at the popularity of Saturday Night Live versus the popularity of your president.
45’s inability to handle this stuff is what leads to more fumbles. Such is the principle reason for the mockery … mine included.

Good on Reuters! To the rest of the media I shout “Do yer jobs folks!”!


Just saved a bookmark to my news category on my browser.

“So what is the Reuters answer? To oppose the administration? To appease it? To boycott its briefings? To use our platform to rally support for the media? All these ideas are out there, and they may be right for some news operations, but they don’t make sense for Reuters. We already know what to do because we do it every day, and we do it all over the world.

… To state the obvious, Reuters is a global news organization that reports independently and fairly in more than 100 countries, including many in which the media is unwelcome and frequently under attack. I am perpetually proud of our work in places such as Turkey, the Philippines, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Thailand, China, Zimbabwe, and Russia, nations in which we sometimes encounter some combination of censorship, legal prosecution, visa denials, and even physical threats to our journalists. We respond to all of these by doing our best to protect our journalists, by recommitting ourselves to reporting fairly and honestly, by doggedly gathering hard-to-get information – and by remaining impartial. We write very rarely about ourselves and our troubles and very often about the issues that will make a difference in the businesses and lives of our readers and viewers.

We don’t know yet how sharp the Trump administration’s attacks will be over time or to what extent those attacks will be accompanied by legal restrictions on our news-gathering. But we do know that we must follow the same rules that govern our work anywhere, namely: … ” Editor-in-chief Steve Adler.

Good on Reuters!

To the rest of the media I shout “Do yer jobs folksI” … and I suspect Edward R. Murrow would endorse the letter.

What the heck were you expecting your candidate to do if you voted for him?


This is a fair question regardless of whether you outwardly gave your reasons for your vote or, like fraidy cats, just came out from your dark places and voted, then returned to your dark places unwilling to admit or justify what you did?

Why did you vote for The Chosen?

Did you vote for him to governmentally stop or suppress our concerns about global warming? … Cause that’s what it looks like The Chosen is going to do.

Did you vote for The Chosen because you want to see Obamacare Repealed? Did you think that the Republicans have a genuine alternative. Please be honest and open because it looks like you voted against your own best interest.

Did you vote for him to take away financial protections for consumers … you know, not consuming corporations, but the little buyers and spenders like you and me?

Did you vote for him so he would appoint more Supreme Court Justices like Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Alito on the court? If you don’t recognize the names of those justices or their legal biases, I’m not surprised. At least then if answering this question, tell me that your reasons were all thought out by you; yours  and not someone else’s who told you what to think?

Did you vote for The Chosen so he, his party and his cabinet could take actions and make decisions to lower the minimum wage and suppress opportunities for things like overtime? Are you expecting and hoping that this leadership will reverse current rules that benefit workers? That’s exactly what The Chosen will try to do and what his appointees will pursue.

Did you vote for The Chosen so he would appoint an attorney general who has a history of trying to suppress the vote?

Did you vote for the Chosen in hopes that he, his cabinet and his party would authorize more tax cuts for the wealthy and for business at the expense of what used to be the working class?

Did you vote for The Chosen to see Medicare privatized so that it will wither on the vine, or Medicaid slashed?

If folks like me are to be persuaded by folks like you then you sort of owe it to us to explain your votes, your expectations and what you will do if The Chosen proves to have been merely saying what you wanted to hear so he could get the job.

Well …?

If you are too much of a moral coward to come out and address these issues, then admit that … but don’t keep hiding behind a big rock tossing verbal stones that cannot be justified in our direction.

Hat tip to Ian Reifowitz who wrote the article that inspired my questions. I quote him here:

Donald Trump won a majority of votes in the Electoral College by drawing an inside straight in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and thanks to the unprecedented interventions of Vladimir Putin and James Comey. But he lost the popular vote by a figure approaching 3 million. He can claim absolutely no legitimate popular mandate, yet he intends to implement the most right-wing agenda this country has seen in going on a century. There is no question he and his Republican allies in Congress are going to try. The only open question is what are we going to do about it.

Trump has no legitimate mandate from the American people. None.

Here’s one of the flagship publications of the American Corporate Welfare Capitalism – The Wall Street Journal – acknowledging the entire point of the article posted above that started these threads.

Trump Counties Would See Big Impact From Obamacare Repeal

How dare she talk like that?


Don’t she know that her party got vanquished?
She seems to have forgotten her place.
Don’t she know that with the “pretend” plurality of junior high school minds, there’s lots of thin-skinned voters out there? They dang well won’t tolerate talk about maturity and being grown up without getting their feelings all hurt up.

Michelle Obama: Americans will miss ‘having a grown-up in the White House’

It is civic duty to remember what they say and do to achieve their aims. When they succeed it is then that what we remember as original truth be used to confront them.

An adult in the White House must acknowledge and accept accountability.
Humans of New York
‘s Brandon Stanton on Donald J. Trump:


Who said these?

“I would rather someone was wrapped in the Constitution burning the flag than wrapped in the flag burning the Constitution.”

“People place their hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution. They don’t put their hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible.”

Send The Chosen to inauguration with a mandate for integrity and grown-up actions.


I seriously doubt that voting America is on any page with mere continuation of Republican business-as-usual now that their majorities are a reality. I believe those Americans who went to the polls in November most likely voted what their gut – as propagandized and exploited by The Chosen – has already told them. They heard him, they believed him and now immediately stand waiting, some with hats in hand:

“Oh Mighty Chosen, something is wrong … very wrong … and needs immediate fixing. No more promises, thank you! Immediate action please!”

As shown by many of the Chosen’s supporters, there is no need for restraint right now – for example, the problems in the Middle East can be reduced to an exercise in political and foreign policy impatience.

WHEN, Oh Chosen One?

Many seem to think that civic patience somehow meant that you should only speak once for ten minutes every four years. The rest of the time let someone else’s magic be the civic consciousness of a nation.

Hang in there citizens! When you vote The Chosen into office, ONLY THEN can a responsible plan to stop the loss can be worked out and implemented.”


It will already be too late by then.

“Plans” that falsely justify a mean drunk staying in the house of the abused to wreak more havoc in the name of moral responsibility is political spin. It’s a spin that attempts to prey on assumed electoral gullibility.

At its manipulative best it only gets worse especially when never lessened by a media in need of money-generating pseudo-campaign issues.

Even now we are not being guided to the moral or ethical high ground. Rather, the sound bite “nonsense-mongers” will now lead us up mere sand dunes. “Winning” voters in America are ready to rumble right now. Hopefully they are ready and inclined to expect immediate results that justify their votes and mindless trust of The Chosen.

What is needed now  and possible right here is not the mindless marching, chanting and banner-carrying protests that cause most to tune out. There is in fact – right now – national arousal in terms of an unlit fuse is just waiting for ignition. It is palpable in this country and you can feel it.

Dissatisfaction and a sense of something being seriously wrong and rotten permeates the mood of most whenever politics comes into discussion.

What can you do right now?

If you get polled, stick to those talking points the politicos are most nervous about. Express and emphasize unleashed and unbridled indignation that reflects RIGHT NOW frustration; genuine anger.

Cut The Chosen no slack. He never asked for slack, promising to start doing the stuff for which he was voted in immediately.

Delay is poor decision-making. Rather than waiting, speak out now if you are polled. And immediately start letter-writing and phone calls to those who are most nervous.

A national growl is sticking in our craws and begging release.

Don’t send lazy emails that tempt your politicians to respond with cookie-cutter form letters. Write a real letter and buy a stamp. Then pay a little more for a notification that the letter was received. Is your feeling for your country worth a letter, a stamp and and extra cents for notification of receipt?

Or call them up. Demand a specific response.

No form letter thank you!
No aide calling back with vague promises.
Demanded a personal response from your representatives. They work for you and have no right to imply to you that you are interrupting more important business. Your business is their business. They cannot pick and choose.

Why not? What have you got to lose by communicating just how fed up you are?
The key is to reveal right away that two years is a very short time; that we are an electorate genuinely pissed off enough to repudiate any candidate who proposes a “plan” rather than vows to change things the very moment he/she is sworn in.

Repudiation is precisely the buzz-saw waiting for The Chosen and his self-absorbed assumption that America is pining away for nothing more than a CEO-President with no domestic or foreign policy agenda.

Newly-elected presidents need to arrive at inauguration scared, worried and nervous. They need to be sworn in fully aware that something is expected NOW; that conditions are such that there is not going to be a 100-day honeymoon. There is no other choice.

An electorate that communicated that kind of impatience needs to sweep aside all the muck and nonsense. We can and must narrow the range of focus in this post-election moment.

All the pomp and bravado means nothing The Chosen needs feet held to the fire. He needs a sense of being one or two miscues from running scared because the electorate has legitimately convinced the winner that now means NOW. He was elected by uninformed badgers, not uninformed field mice.

Why would we need to listen to planners and political schemers and leave the door open to stall, delay and political manipulation?.
… tempting those we endorse to say to hell with what we expect.
… believing they can take just a little bit longer so they can have what they want?
Is that what you want?

On the “My-skin-is-Thinner-Than-Your -Skin Derby” …


Romney smacks down Trump, who wins despite Romney’s smacks … President-elect Thinny Skinny invites Romney to frog legs, leads him on about Sec State, then chooses someone else … cause The Chosen is notoriously and demonstrably the reigning thin-skinned Champ.

Enter Harry Reid who questions Romney’s character as a self-promoting sham or a mere gullible cause he (Romney) talked tuff during the campaign but became a toady when Sec. State opportunity was dangled in front of him by a proven Thinny Skinny Master…

To which Romney replied publicly that he had lost respect earlier when Reid challenged his (Romney’s) tax records in the 2012 campaign … setting up the idea that Romney’s thin-skin has a long memory. Mitt added a “good riddance Mr. Reid. The Senate is better in it with you gone.”

So Prezdent Thinny Skinny takes it out on unsuccessful candidate Romney who thinny skinny’s his way by departing Senator Reid.

So now Harry is at bat but the long-ball thin-skin derby so far belongs to The Chosen.