stick to solving the problem rather than obsessing on blame.

Wise political sense is best demonstrated at a time of crisis when any major player can stick to solving the problem rather than obsessing on blame.

Definition of finger-pointing
: the act of making explicit and often unfair accusations of blame
: the act of blaming someone for a problem instead of trying to fix or solve it.

A wise leader understands that pointing the finger, particularly at a time when fingers had not begun to point in his direction, is a very revealing character flaw. More significantly finger pointers self-reveal when they commence with the alibis before accusation is made because that is what they themselves do routinely or would do in an easily reached moment of panic.

“It’s not my fault” should never be one of the first things out of your mouth. It’s like confessing the opposite.

Trump attacks Andrew Cuomo in racist tweet exposing how little he understands the coronavirus – accuses him of politicizing pandemic

I have friend and family members whose political points of view are diametrically opposite of mine.

I have friend and family members whose religious views are diametrically opposite of mine.

The results then, when I publish my views, the views of others with which I agree and articles that serve to illustrate my reasons for my beliefs are threads of conversations that I believe are useful.

I am not going to cease and desist and will either respond to or ignore a comment that reflects name-calling, labelling rage or useless snark. My most consistent personal snark sees to be the phrase “silly section”.

The point of all my blathering is this: going back to when I first joined Facebook my list of unfriended people has only one name on it. I have been unfriended several times but have talked away from only one.

But I have “unfollowed” several friends whose posts I consider consistently and inflexibly dogmatic. They are still my FB friends but I’m not interested in becoming a member of that person’s dogmatic choir.

If that is how you feel about my posts and you are reluctant to unfriend me then unfollow me as I’m certain many have already done.

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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