Why are the creations of a perfect God so flawed? Is there something we’ve overlooked?

Trump betrayers
Them Republicagelicals are afraid of their god, asked Him for a new Chosen one and think we should all feel the same.

Oh yeah? I can think of several reasons why they and their god and their Chosen are bogus. Check out the theological debate below.

(Here’s a charming excerpt from Victor Koman’s The Jehovah Contract):
A giant hand darted out of infinity at an impossible speed to seize me between a thumb and finger of planetary dimensions. Crushing pain steamrolled across me. The immense digits rolled my body around like a ball of snot; after ages of grinding, twisting agony, the fingers separated.

Across a million-mile chasm, bridged by an arm thicker than worlds, I stared at my quarry face to face.

His hair had been styled in a crew cut. I had never imagined that God would look like Jack Webb.

“I love you,” bellowed a voice that rumbled deeper than earthquakes.

He had some way of showing his affection, having smeared my body across a good portion of his index finger. Stinging anguish cried from every particle of ruined flesh.

“Knock off the displays, little boy,” I said. “I’ve been worked over by professionals-L.A. cops.”

“I love all of you, and you’ve all turned your backs on Me.”

“According to Your supporters,” I shouted across the gap, “You gave us the ability to do so!”

“You stole it from the Tree!”

“Why didn’t you take it back, Omnipotent One?”

“You didn’t have to use it!” He put the squeeze on again.

When the fingers released, I said, “You’re supposed to be all-powerful, yet You didn’t remove the knowledge of good and evil from us. You could have easily corrected the Original Sin, yet a third of the angels turned against You. Why are the creations of a perfect God so flawed? Is there something we’ve overlooked?”

Jehova Contract quote

“Yeah,” I said, seeing an opening, “and filled it with storms and earthquakes and famines and wars and suffering when you could have made it a paradise.”

“I had!” His voice thundered like a thousand Hiroshimas. “You broke the rules, and I had to throw you out!”

“You gave us the ability to break the rules.”

“I didn’t want mindless automata, I wanted free minds-“

“Then why,” I screamed, “do You threaten us with punishment in Hell for exercising that freedom? You could have turned us into robots, but You didn’t. Why can’t You accept the consequences of Your actions?”

“I wanted you to choose Me freely, out of love for Me.”

“Freely? Under threat of eternal suffering? Out of love? For a God that obliterates civilizations, murders infants, punishes the slightest deviation with brimstone and hellfire? On earth we have a term for that-protection racketeering.”

“It’s your fault, not Mine. You were bad.”

I gazed around at the blood and guts smeared across the mountainous ridges of His fingerprint. “We only questioned Your authority.”

“You disobeyed a direct command! You became one-in-yourselves. You became divine in your own right and left Me with nothing. Nothing!”

Thunderclouds formed around His one visible eye. Lightning flashed in His gaze. A hot blue bolt of energy sizzled a few inches to my right.

“It was She,” He said. It was the first acknowledgement He had made-I wouldn’t let it be the last. “It was all the work of the Woman. She conspired with the Horned One to ruin My Paradise. I sent My Son to destroy Her works.”

“That reminds me,” I shouted, desperate to find some sort of leverage.
“When a God such as Jove or Jehovah impregnates a human, is it rape, incest, or bestiality?”

“Your mockery damns you!”

“Then take away our power to mock! Don’t keep killing and maiming, expecting to coerce us into loving You in self-defense. We’re too tough to knuckle under!”

“Her doing. She tempts you back into sin, forcing Me to discipline you.”

“Forget it, pal. I take the rap myself. As long as I have free will, I reject You. Don’t pretend You’re giving us a choice when the wrong choice results in eternal torture. You’re giving us rules-rules for slaves.”

He snarled. “You must obey your God!”

“Why?” I asked. It was an ancient child’s game, but it just might work.

“Because I created you.”


He stiffened up-millions of miles up. He towered over me until I shuddered from terror.

“Because I wanted to recreate My own image.”


“So you would obey Me!” His voice rolled like the sea.

I wasn’t going to get back into the whole free will contradiction again-He seemed rather impervious to logic. I gathered together all my resolve, half-expecting the result.

“Why?” I asked.


jehovah contract

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