The non-dingbat conservative point of view.

We need more than one perspective in our governance.

How come we don’t see MAGAs quoting this sort of thought? Probably because as anti-intellectuals and non-intellectuals themselves, they don’t read it.

“After all, we did just fail to have a traditionally peaceful transfer of power. One of our two major parties—having failed in a coup attempt—now claims that the current administration is illegitimately elected, the result of massive, coordinated fraud. The logical extension of this position would seem to be that the American constitutional order deserving of our allegiance no longer exists.
So we are at the edge of crisis, having repulsed one attempted authoritarian power grab and bracing for another.” – William Kristol

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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