Ms. Palin is a good example of why civics education is necessary

She says she’ll run for president if God tells her to.

Looking ahead to the next presidential election, Sarah Palin is talking like a pageant entrant who only understands why Trump lost and why she would lose and how much the electorate has turned against her party.

Her 2008 campaign responses merely implied that she knew all along that Africa is a continent and the the Vice President does not run the Senate.

This beauty pageant intellect had no idea of the impact of the inflammatory rhetoric she impulsively tosses to her audiences. That she willingly and enthusiastically attempted to combine her hockey-mom winking charm with junior-high style gossip that in 2008 casually declared Obama to be an execution-deserving traitor underlies the junior-high shallowness of her world view.

If she still assumes that over-the-top campaign speeches are still standard fare because her Party had been successful more than once in doing so, she is either as politically naïve as she appears or she flat out slept through any civics class presented to her.

Whether in photos and films doctored by the pros to look both appealing and intelligent, Mrs. Palin still reveals herself as a shallow thinker who has spent most of her life making knee-jerk decisions based entirely on self-interest.

Put such a person in the hands of consultants and image-mongers who themselves have little if any conscience and her own gullibility and world view from the shallow end of the pool only gets magnified.

Her late-2008 campaign remarks whining about criticism of her campaign criticisms of Obama revealed just how much Sarah Palin is a small-town rural personality. Nothing wrong with small-town and rural personalities so long as within that environment upbringing necessary skills like critical thinking and an ability to see both sides of an issue are taught or acquired.

… so long as within that rural environment (one in which I also dwell) a dominant us/them either/or attitude is not the overriding norm.

Like her elected Congressional choir members, Mrs. Palin seems to be in oblivious denial of the consequences of her own actions. She is too interested in self-promotion to worry about ethics.

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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