Strutting to his personal glory

“Donald Trump knew there were heavily armed rioters that were moving towards his speech,” Scarborough said. “He wanted Secret Service to take down the mags, let them enter, and then Donald Trump volunteers and then they can go straight to the Capitol, wanting them to go to the Capitol and not have their weapons taken away. He wanted to go there with them. They talked about going to the House of Representatives, with this mob, and Donald Trump strutting in like Benito Mussolini declaring himself the next president of the United States. It’s laid out.” -Joe Scarborough

“People are focusing on the drama of [Donald Trump] trying to grab the steering wheel to force his car to go to the Capitol,” Dr. Freeman writes. “But far more revealing — and alarming — is the fact that he wanted to walk into the House with an armed mob. Again: think COUP.”- Dr. Joanne Freeman, Professor of History and American Studies at Yale University,

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

3 thoughts on “Strutting to his personal glory”

  1. I truly believe it was an act in an attempt to save face with his MAGA crowd. He’s is at his core a coward. He didn’t really want to march to the capital. He only wanted to create the illusion that he wanted to march to the capital. Trump is a traitor. A cowardly traitor.

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