July 4, 2022

1: Rightwing networks Fox News, OAN and Newsmax could be found liable in cases brought by voting machine company Dominion. Who’s in trouble for broadcast slinging BS? Fox News for one – climbed aboard the swamp steamer Move over fellers) with One America News Network and Newsmax.

It’s like those dumb politicians who say stupid stuff, deny saying it and are forever sputtering when somebody recorded the stupid stuff word for word. Seems this judge ain’t laughing.

“Davis’s ruling is not a guarantee that Fox will be found liable. But the judge made it clear that this isn’t some frivolous attempt by Dominion – and media and legal experts think Fox could be in real trouble.”

2. Trump foe Liz Cheney has not ruled out 2024 US presidential run I’d like to see her do it. It would put the whole Republican Party on trial with sheep and goats separating in all directions. There are way too many PINOS [Patriots In Name Only] prancing and dancing and singing out-of-tune melodies on the national stage that Trump built. As John Dean declared in the title of his book, the Republican clown car is full of Conservatives Without Conscience.

3. More on PINOS (Patriots in name only). From Meteor Blades at Daily Kos On July 4th, we should never forget that true patriots are not bootlickers

Samuel Johnson famously wrote in 1775 that “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” In The Devil’s Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce made the appropriate correction: “With all due respect to an enlightened but inferior lexicographer I beg to submit that it is the first.”

The eight years of the George W. Bush administration and the four of the Trump regime prove Bierce’s thesis once and for all. The remorseless scoundrels then and now in charge of the executive branch weren’t the first American leaders to taint patriotism with racketeering, warmongering, privatizing, racism, fraud, fecklessness, betrayal, incompetence, injustice, absolutism, corporatism, cronyism, or jackassery. Of course, Donald Trump made a tremendous run for it in every category.

Meteor Blades

How is American Patriotism different and noble compared to anyone else’s national patriotic sense?  I would be genuinely interested in any successful, cogent, well-argued rebuttal to the following quote. The rebuttal must also demonstrate that drinkable bathwater comes from American flag wavers who use patriotism as a political tactic.

Leo Tolstoy, the greatest anti-patriot of our time, defines patriotism as the principle that will justify the training of wholesale murderers; a trade that requires better equipment in the exercise of man-killing than the making of such necessities as shoes, clothing, and houses; a trade that guarantees better returns and greater glory than that of the honest workingman.

Patriotism assumes that our globe is divided into little spots, each one surrounded by an iron gate. Those who have had the fortune of being born on some particular spot consider themselves nobler, better, grander, more intelligent than those living beings inhabiting any other spot. It is, therefore, the duty of everyone living on that chosen spot to fight, kill and die in the attempt to impose his superiority upon all the others. – Emma Goldman

Oh, and it won’t be sufficient to merely attack Emma Goldman for her politics. Political leaning does not make one’s point of view more or less legitimate except when there is a choir involved.

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

3 thoughts on “July 4, 2022”

  1. Presidential Mettle of Freedum winner Rush Limbaugh was the pattern for this wreckless, illegitimate patriotism. His success made me puke many years ago. Whenever I heard the excellence in broadcasting moniker come on my AM channel I wanted to scream. What I thought was simply an absurd gassbag (to be laughed at) spewing mindless hate for his own economic gain, his message was literally taking hold of the minds of millions country. Little did we know the deep damage he was doing to the foundations of truth. How far we’ve sunk since those seemingly innocent times. Is there a rudder big enough to turn the ship of state around or are we headed for the rocks? The next two years I believe will give us the answer.

    1. Well we’ll see if this goes anywhere. The Georgia case seems so clear cut. Audio of the former president asking Georgia officials to break the law. 18 months and counting. How long does it take? Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to see Graham and Giuliani go down hard. But I am not holding my breath for the State of Georgia and this case to do the job. I hope they prove me wrong, but I ask today, what more do they need than the audio of a crime in progress along with a roomful of officials who listened in person?

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