To Teddy and the Cruzers … Oh please oh please! Charge the red cape she’s waving!

A woman? How dare she? Daring Teddy and the Cruzers to shut down Planned Parenthood. Go ahead … make everybody’s day! Image:

She’s calling yer bluff Teddy … you and yer gang of tuffnecks better go after her.

Senator and progressive superstar Elizabeth Warren is goading Republicans into a fight they can’t win by challenging Republican senator and self-serving sleaze Ted Cruz and the rest of the Tea Party crazies to keep attacking Planned Parenthood:

“We will not let Ted Cruz shut down this government over Planned Parenthood! He wants a fight over Planned Parenthood? My answer is, ‘Bring it on, Ted!’” Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, said during a speech in Austin, drawing loud applause.

Cruz is, of course, the lead inquisitor in the GOP’s latest round of “Whack-a-Vagina” in which Republicans try to keep women from having access to birth control.

What makes this challenge so brilliant is that Warren does not live inside the right-wing echo chamber where they’ve convinced themselves that the country supports defunding Planned Parenthood. By making herself a target alongside Planned Parenthood, Warren is sweetening the pot for Republicans. They won’t be able to resist going after two of the things they hate almost as much as they hate Obama: A strong progressive woman and an organization dedicated to helping low income women.

The problem is that, outside of the right wing echo chamber, the country does NOT support defunding Planned Parenthood. At all. On top of that, the country really REALLY does not want Republicans to shut down the government while trying to kill PP.

It’s a mismatch folks … wouldn’t want to be in the crowd that originally fell for the doctored videos and then started indignantly screaming with unquestioned acceptance of those lies.