… from out of the literal minds of white evangelical Christianity emerged some of the silliest fiction ever written




Years ago from out of the literal minds of white evangelical Christianity emerged some of the silliest fiction ever written. Literally millions of readers went prophetically gaga.

Why, that series was so good, every thrift store in America still has a gaggle of those noisy books just in case you haven’t read them.

That’s why the title of this article is so spot on.

“The upshot of this survey is that white evangelicals want to go back to Ozzie and Harriet—in time, behavior, and gender roles. This does not bode well for their influence in the future, and their embrace of Donald Trump and his alt-right followers will hurt them far more than they can imagine politically. This excellent report shows that despite all of their protestations, white evangelicals and Protestants are truly the ones who are left behind.”

Another way to describe a performance-based-religion.

“At the heart of all conservative, Evangelical Christianity is the sum of Satan’s biggest ploy, a mixed Gospel that is in truth, no Gospel at all—an imposturous trick of grandiose proportions that pimps a “good news” proclamation deemed to be straight from the throne of God that is in reality only partially good news, if good news at all.

God loves you, BUT.
He saves you, BUT.
He blesses you, BUT … you must repent, make a faith choice, and love Him back in all the right ways, or else.

This is the essence of a mixed Gospel, always containing some level of human performance for its existence and effectiveness in one’s life. God does His part, but you need to do yours—until then, a divine connection is hit or miss at best, and nothing of God reaches beyond this divide until you appropriately reach back.

This is bad news—terrible news. God and His dealings with all humanity are deemed as contractual and conditional at the core, requiring some level of human responsibility for their establishment, continuation, and validity.

God is the necessary giver, but humanity is the necessary receiver. Jesus knocks, but we must answer. We pray, God moves. We tithe, God blesses.

All is a divine equation where God makes His offers and humanity is solicited to respond accordingly in ways that complete, uphold, access, and maximize what is in reality, a conditional relationship to the Creator. Ultimately, God’s love, power, blessings, and desires are only as effectual as our human capacity to respond correctly.”
– Chris Kratzer


Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

2 thoughts on “… from out of the literal minds of white evangelical Christianity emerged some of the silliest fiction ever written”

  1. My take on this is that all “God is just a super-powerful human” belief systems are based on coaxing this God entity to work for you. Whether it is Zeus or Jehovah or The Sun God, it all stems from an ancient hope that somehow a person can harness supernatural power for his or her benefit.
    I suppose the difference might be in whether such attempts are based on fear and loathing and a desire for temporal power or on hope and serenity.
    Good luck with the election. Whoever wins will determine how many people get killed and who they might be. Not a happy thought.

    1. In very powerful but subconscious ways, many believers practice their religion with an internal image that they “know” exists. This internal image they have never actually seen exists essentially because believers have accepted the testimonies of others who likewise have never seen it but also “know” it exists.

      In the same fashion, many believers “know” of the reality where the patriarchal god “is,”  where Jesus Christ  “is,” and where Satan “is” and “works” and “wants to rule.”

      One consequence is that some who are driven away leave with emotional scars that cause depression, substance abuse and – unfortunately – suicide, along with the very activities against which the religion relentlessly preached. One can make a case the some of those driven off are at least temporarily not prepared to deal with life and society in a manner that is free from long-internalized judgmental and narrow notions.

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