Seems to me that mayhap them GOP’ers think most women in the country are ignorant, dumb and gullible.

Let me get this straight.

Led by Reflublican Senator Grassley, who said the withheld records had no bearing on the worthiness of Mr. Kavanaugh to be a justice, they still prepared a list of 65 women from Kavanaugh’s high school years that declared he was as clean as a baby’s butt.

How is it that they had that list ready if they were not already aware of the secret from Kav’s high school years?

Seems to me that mayhap them GOP’ers think most women in the country are ignorant, dumb and gullible.

GOP will proceed at their own political risk come the elections.

mom is mad

“But even so, the way in which chair Chuck Grassley and the 10 other male Republicans on the committee handle Ford’s accusation will tell us a good deal about them and about the state of the gender battlefield. Will these men dismiss the allegation because it was too long ago? Will they attack the accuser and seek to shame her over hidden details of her life? Will they argue there is “only” one claim, and one is not enough? Will they say that 65 women’s signatures on one letter cancel one woman’s accusation in another? Will they turn the occasion into a chance to attack the Democrats and try to motivate their base for the midterms?

For months, the male leaders of the administration and the GOP insisted on silence on the real issue at stake. But despite their best efforts, the monster has finally come out of the walls. Will the Senate, and American politics, face it, or has the last year of gender piety been nothing but show?

In the year of #MeToo, will male authorities claim their traditional power to silence female dissent? Or will they—at last—take their offices seriously and find some way, fair to Kavanaugh and to Ford, to get at the truth?”…/2018/09/kavanaugh/570406/

“I would hate to be any Republican going forward in their career, not just in this election that will stand up and say, ‘No, we weren’t even willing to listen.’

That would be going against an entire societal wave that is happening in our culture, that is going against an entire gender reboot of who we are.”

Women are expected to turn out in droves for the November election, and Deutsch said Kavanaugh’s confirmation could risk GOP congressional majorities.

“Not only the House is gone, will put the Senate in real, real, real, real play,” he said. “If the Republicans are tone deaf here it will be a death spiral for them.” – Donny Deutsch – MSNBC

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

2 thoughts on “Seems to me that mayhap them GOP’ers think most women in the country are ignorant, dumb and gullible.”

    1. An archaic form of perhaps … I’ve always thought of it a a combo of perhaps and maybe … think I first encountered in a Stephen King novel

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