Well, ain’t that all grown up during a time of crisis?


whys everybody always pickin on me

Trump calls Inslee a ‘snake’ amid coronavirus outbreak in Washington state

When it comes to name-calling, our President is in top form and with no class.
All you admirers stand tall and proud. Your President may graduate from junior high some day.

When you can speak effectively about this kind of flawed-ness, don’t run Kindergarten Konservative economics by me as if Trump somehow is wiser than those who were in office when the current economic state started (and not after your types elected what we’re stuck with now.)

Why is his thin-skinned narcissistic sensitivity his most dominant trait?

I agree with Kevin Drum who wrote the following:

On Donald Trump’s latest coronavirus press avail: There he is, wearing a campaign cap and mugging for the camera.

Interrupting Alex Azar when he’s on the verge of telling the truth about something.
Bloviating about how he’s an innate medical genius.

Complaining that he doesn’t want to unload passengers from a cruise ship because it might hurt his “numbers.”

Griping that the Dow was all set to hit 30,000 until this whole virus thing hit.

Bragging about the small number of deaths so far.

Apparently demanding that every actual professional kowtow to him in public.

Saying that he’s not to blame for cutting back on pandemic preparedness because “this is something that you can never really think is going to happen.”

Clowning about how the testing has been perfect, “like the letter was perfect.”

Snickering about how he told Mike Pence not to compliment a governor who had been mean to him.

Bragging that he’s not bothering to take any special protections.

Jesus. Does he think this whole thing is just a big joke?

Is he going to keep acting like a combination of court jester and Pollyanna-in-chief when the number of deaths hits a hundred?

Or a thousand?

Is there anyone left on his staff who can tell him to start acting like a president?

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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