“A fool and his words are soon parted.” – William Shenstone – BrainyQuote.

“A fool and his words are soon parted.” – William Shenstone – BrainyQuote.

Trump press conference today and he was speaking without being tethered by anyone.

” …at least 19 women have brought allegations against the president himself. The official White House line is that all 19 are lying. The president went a step beyond that on Wednesday, claiming that the women were paid to lodge the claims, and that after several of them recanted, the media refused to cover it. There is no evidence for this; the claim is evidence of a president either increasingly untethered from reality or ever more willing to dissemble.

The appearance was Trump’s first extended solo press conference since February 2017, and it showed why he and his advisers wouldn’t want him answering questions in an open forum like this very often. The president is incapable of speaking on any story for long without turning the subject back to himself, often with disconcerting results, like his claim about the media conspiracy.” – The Atlantic Magazine