QAnon Ginnie on “the Biden crime family”

The “Biden Crime Family” as Our Lady of Nonsense, Ginni Thomas, texted comes from a vividly imagining mind that is dumb enough to consider her own participation in sedition as “heroic.” Here’s what that so-called flying-monkey heroism looks like:
Image result for flying monkey Flying monkeys is a phrase used in popular psychology mainly in the context of narcissistic abuse. They are people who act on behalf of a narcissist to a third party, usually for an abusive purpose – Wikipedia

Ginni Thomas, there is no so-called Biden Crime Family. However, a Trump Crime Family that includes currently serving Congress Persons, Senators and conflicted Supreme Court Justices is alive and unwell in our midst.

Clarence Thomas’ wife told Mark Meadows that ‘the Biden crime family’ and ‘ballot fraud co-conspirators’ would be ‘living in barges off GITMO to face military tribunals for sedition,’ texts show

I saved this to my OneNote from a couple of years ago.

American exceptionalism is killing the planet The many abuses of endless war

War, in other words, is our new normal, America’s default position on global affairs, and peace, some ancient, long-faded dream. And when your default position is war, whether against the Taliban, ISIS, “terror” more generally, or possibly even Iran or Russia or China, is it any surprise that war is what you get? When you garrison the world with an unprecedented 800 or so military bases, when you configure your armed forces for what’s called power projection, when you divide the globe — the total planet — into areas of dominance (with acronyms like CENTCOM, AFRICOM, and SOUTHCOM) commanded by four-star generals and admirals, when you spend more on your military than the next seven countries combined, when you insist on modernizing a nuclear arsenal (to the tune of perhaps $1.7 trillion) already quite capable of ending all life on this and several other planets, what can you expect but a reality of endless war?

Think of this as the new American exceptionalism. William J. Astore


Whatever we thought we had to prove to the rest of the world, we didn’t. What we have proven is this:

“We proved the lie, were served up with a gagging portion of our own vintage distillation of apocalyptic horseshit 

— all the narcissistic swill about indomitable spirit, invincibility, courage and nobility of purpose

— and demonstrated once and for all to those who looked on with interest a fact long suspected:

that this nation, through a self-administered indoctrination of spurious righteousness, larded with the false rewards of superfluous luxury, had at last achieved the most tractable, malleable — let’s face it, spineless — people to walk the face of the earth.” 

-Aptly described by Oliver Lange in Vandenberg – The Journals, 1971

Lange’s Cold War novel concerned a fictional lone American holdout against a Soviet occupation of America – hardly a liberal theme by today’s standards.

Yet the description still appears to fit this society to a Tee.
Our politicians of both parties thrive on tossing our way narcissistic swill about what America stands for and what the American People are truly like. 
It was never this regardless of why Ginni Thomas thought it was:
Trump Painting
We do hopefully attempt to teach, encourage and try to foster ideas of indomitable spirit, invincibility,  courage and nobility of purpose in the military. You know, those on whom we count and by whom have cast our imperialistic dice; importing Democracy, war, defense and security. 
For the rest of us talk is cheap. We indomitable spirits are inspired by the cheap theatrics and propaganda of talk-show and political personalities, movies and commercialized patriotism more interested in money than global peace, global honor or global respect.
Robert Blum has had a video out there that flat out stated the premise of America’s track record all around the world, Be nice to America or we’ll bring Democracy to your Country.
I dare you to expose your beautiful minds to that short video and then tell me how and why none of it is true nor an accurate portrayal of what’s been going on while we potato our couches.
The public righteousness long proclaimed by the TV reverends and political god-talkers finally caught the attention of genuine social justice Christians who are now furiously publicizing social justice values in the most justified religious backlash in years 
,,, and having success – except among those who think God is a Conservative Republican.
God will judge America
That might be a good sign but it still seems like the most popular and followed god-talkers are not the ones advocating that we care for our poor and infirm. No, the god talkers that fill former basketball arenas and mega-churches are either promising that God the capitalist wants to reward folks too trusting for their own good with riches
… or are promising that the greatest threat to religion in America lies in liberal and progressive values that detract from the image of God as the One Angry Almighty-ness who supports a fundamentalist literal definition of sin which can’t be tolerated with any degree of allowance..
I suggest that the wisest thing we can do is turn off the television sets and all the other “sets” through which we are told what to think, what to feel, what to be afraid of and how our money can buy us relief from all of it.
I suggest that being fluffed into believing every little commercialized medical threat and the need to consult your doctor needs to be seen as a need to ask the Doc if super-glue on the lips is a good way to stop eating corporate-larded-consumable swill
… and if ear plugs and eye masks are the best way to lower all your physiological levels to a manageable level. ( Have you every noticed how that word broken down the middle forms two double syllable concepts: “physio” and “logical” – neither of which are honestly proposed to you in pharmaceutical commercials?)
Turning off the TV sets would help – at least until advertisers and broadcasters get the message that selling larded false rewards of superfluous luxury, gossip-based headline news and self-absorbed entertainment is not what a mature society wants.
Oh …. sorry … that above paragraph describes someone else’s Brave New World where “mature” and “society” can be justifiably used in the same sentence …. but certainly not our Cowardly Consumptive Outworn World.
We can’t go on like this much longer.
Our new clothes were never new and never clothes.
America’s persistent empathy gap. Despite our size, we are a remarkably insular nation and suffer from a serious empathy gap when it comes to understanding foreign cultures and peoples or what we’re actually doing to them. Even our globetrotting troops, when not fighting and killing foreigners in battle, often stay on vast bases, referred to in the military as “Little Americas,” complete with familiar stores, fast food, you name it.
Wherever we go, there we are, eating our big burgers, driving our big trucks, wielding our big guns, and dropping our very big bombs. But what those bombs do, whom they hurt or kill, whom they displace from their homes and lives, these are things that Americans turn out to care remarkably little about.
Our uncovered asses are all hanging out there exposed to the winds of change – William J. Astore
…while we, well we seem to be content in our ignorance or awareness of (whichever fits) the fact that we are the most tractable, malleable — let’s face it, spineless — people to walk the face of the earth.” 
Thank you Oliver Lange … sorry that you are still right on the money.
Remember Joe Bageant?

Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America's Class War by [Bageant, Joe]
What about being hypnotized by entertainment in whatever form that takes?

” … The American national illusion, where all the world’s a shopping expedition. Or a terrorist threat. No matter, as long as it is colorful and wiggles on the theater state’s 400 million screens … keep the public in an entertained stupor, awed, mislead, and most importantly, distracted.” -Bageant

What about Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again constituency? What might Bageant have said about that?

“we are seeing an armed infantilized nation wail, hurl blame and do horrific things, the worst of which we do to one another 

… to keep its captives deluded and sated enough to remain productive and consuming — not to mention hating the right people — right up to the last moment before total collapse, and they are no longer needed.” – Bageant

Or, what do we do with the pretended American Dream – whatever that ever was?

Entertainment addiction is like contracting measles after never having been vaccinated or educated about how to think safely.

Consequently such addiction

 has, and still does, prevent Americans from grasping any of this. Instead, the hologram allows us to believe that life can exist without suffering. We actually achieved that state for a while, too, by forcing the suffering on unseen people elsewhere. We accepted the hologram’s one voice to the many as truth (not that we had much choice, The ‘Gram was all we knew), then let our souls and national character necrotize in the warm bath of self-gratification and statist hubris. -Bageant

So where are we now Joe?

Clearly, we have taken an unimaginably disastrous course, and intend to take everyone else out with us. Yet we have only done what most of the world’s nations would have done, given such brute power and wealth for such a time. Perhaps more accurately, done what most of the world’s governments and leadership would have.

So long as nations have hierarchical leadership, they will have escalating hierarchical greed, power hunger and destructive folly — and therefore, eventually approach hierarchical evil at some point. It may be an old saw, but power does corrupt. -Bageant

What might we do to come to social maturity?

Inside most Americans is a globally brattish child. Thanks to our endowed natural resources (since squandered) and to armed national theft abroad, the American has not suffered enough to become a responsible adult on the planet.

resist pride in anything said to be national, whether it be prosperity, healthcare, culture, competence, social cohesion and identity, or whatever. Pride and courage do not live in the same house. Courage, which has little to do with blood and guts, but everything to do with sacrifice, chooses to dwell alongside humility. -Bageant

There is no so-called Biden Crime Family Ginni Thomas. But a Trump Crime Family that includes currently serving Congress Persons, Senators and conflicted Supreme Court Justices is alive and unwell for certain.

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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