Them Reflubican Campaigners seem to think the country is full of MAGA intellects.

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NBC News reporter Alex Seitz-Wald said sarcastically that Trump’s attempts to divide Democrats were remarkably transparent.

“Sources close to my eyes reading this tweet tell me Trump will try to exploit resentment and suspicion among some Bernie Sanders supporters to peel them off from Biden and/or keep them home,” tweeted Seitz-Wald.

Journalist Paul Blest, while acknowledging the frustration for progressives at another defeat for Sanders by the Democratic Party establishment, noted that the data shows Sanders backers are unlikely to support Trump and most will vote for Biden.

“Polls consistently showed Bernie voters were by far the most hostile to Trump,” said Blest, “so I don’t think it’s a particularly hard lift for a lot of people.”

A friend at work told me about her father taking the family dog for an evening walk in the nearby woods. When the dog suddenly got aroused and commenced a furious barking at something ahead, his owner saw  a black bear sauntering across the trail. The bear seemed oblivious to the dog and its master and crossed with only a minor hesitation.

… until the dog began barking at the two cubs who started across the path following their momma. Then all hell broke loose and without hesitation, Momma black bear was in full charge right down the trail.

Although having to drag the damn snarling dog some 50 yards, the owner managed to get the hound moving in time to flee the scene and outrun the angry momma.

So when is our inner Momma or Papa Bear going to grouch out and stick up for us, our families and our own good name?

You know that most of the major players in both parties to our current Congressional drama do not see us in a positive light. They don’t think they can count on us.

Because they’ve lost confidence in us AND in themselves. They don’t trust us to watch their backs and have no confidence in their ability to generate our trust of them.

To date apparently a majority of easily distracted citizens entertained-by-the-trivial have proven those political assumptions quite valid.

Why are Republicans and broadcast personalities getting away with following a stubborn party discipline that continues its pathetic betrayal of our country?

Honestly, it’s because they consider us gullible and downright stupid. That’s why they keep playing the false and the inflammatory cards.

I am not a registered member of any party. However, I trust a two-party or multi-party system to be the best bet for our country whether we are full of thoughtful and civically aware voters or a crowd of worshippers waiting for the “american idol” to lead them off the cliff.

I expect the Democrats to fight tooth and nail in the political arena – the arena where they’re supposedly expert and most experienced – because they themselves believe that the Republican disinformation tactics are effective and that Republican assumptions about gullible voters are valid and justified.

Here’s the raw truth. The Republican party NEEDS for all of us to be stupid. Them  there Reflubican Campaigners need all of us to have nothing more than MAGA intellects.

When Republicans threaten to go to the American people with a presentation that Democrats hate America;

that Democrats want to betray the people and are not patriotic because they want to oppose flag wavers …

Democrats understand those Republican tactics. They also struggle because a MAGA vocal minority publicized by national broadcast needs for profits are unfair but tactically effective.

Democrats will be able to avoid when – as they assume – we as citizens do not betray their trying to the right thing.

The sad part is that Republicans will keep doing their thing as long as the only ones calling them on their words and deeds are political rivals who lack confidence in their own backers.
I repeat, Democrats tremble in hesitation because they also believe that a majority of Americans will still believe the Republicans.

We need to watch somebody else’s back.
We need to assure or molly coddle those Democrats we sent back East to do the right thing … to help them do the right thing.

We need to reduce the amount of MAGA nonsense Democrats face.

If we don’t turn this fight into a knock-down drag out destruction of Reflublican credibility before the next election, we and the Democrats will leave way too many ugly precedents in place; precedents that will tempt future presidents from whichever party.

We need to help so Trump’s prima donna act will look more and more childish. Do that and the MAGA support will show its childishness much more loudly and clearly.

We must make the Reflublican Party  pay a political and personal price … so that the next president will think twice before trying something similar.
.. or we may never unravel the damage.

How long will we let Reflublicans and Broadcast stampeders insult us citizens?


Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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