I do believe that Mr. Trump might be able to talk to flyweights.

I saw a meme that says Mr. Trump has been getting calls from “hundreds” of governors. That just might be -given the person involved –
Well, ya got yer 50 state governors. Then there’s these things that I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump could talk to em …. just sayin …

“A mechanical governor uses gears and flyweights inside the crankcase as a speed-sensing device that detects changes in the load and adjusts the throttle accordingly. … The throttle is pulled toward the closed position. As the load on the crankshaft increases, the flyweights spin more slowly.”

I do believe that Mr. Trump might be able to talk to flyweights.

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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