When the going get’s tough the Governor get’s to blaming others

What does an incompetent kindergarten conservative governor look like? Oh, maybe one who decides that any “program” he sets in motion doesn’t need to have the highest good of all concerned. The “program” only has to succeed as a campaign prop, particularly when your opponent is a candidate of stature and positive credentials.

Let’s introduce Texas Governor Abbot’s “Project Albatross.” Let’s also look at how the failure of his project could not possible be his fault. Let’s watch him do a Putin and shift blame on the Texas generals he appointed. Governor Abbott makes of himself then the ultimate incompetent governing villain. Ten thousand National Guard members were deployed and stationed along Texas’ southern border to enforce the state-run crackdown.

Among other things, the National Guard unit suffered a string of suicides in the closing months of 2021 that had hardly anything to do with law-breaker or border-violator violence. Rather, those losses are a Those losses can be laid before a pretend Texas leader who’s administration failed his troops. If you’re so damn good, Mr. Abbott, why the inconsistent paychecks, canceled education aid, and a mission with indefinite, involuntary activations?

Just days before Christmas Eve, the Army Times reported that four guard members had taken their own lives over the course of two months. Furthermore in the week between Christmas and New Year’s, a soldier accidentally shot and killed himself while another survived a suicide attempt. What did the man-who-seeks-reelection do about it. Well he did what all cowardly Republican politicians do when the going gets tough and his inner Trump is summoned: blame others cause it ain’t his fault. So what does a law-and-order political stuntman do when his scheme literally blows up in his face? Well what else?

Blame others.

The pass-the-bucker replaced one major general with another. That’s what Trump always did, by the way. And speaking in his best Trumpist voice, Mr. Abbottt said the replacement appointment would “uphold the integrity of the Texas Military Department and exemplify servant leadership throughout every aspect of this position.” 

Enter Abbott’s feared gubernatorial opponent, Beto O’Rourke.

“You can switch Generals, but we all know where the buck stops. … Abbott has treated soldiers with incredible disrespect as he has delayed their pay, cut their tuition benefits in half, and used them as political pawns in his re-election campaign … It’s time to bring them back home.”

Uh oh. What does reelection candidate Abbott do now? Obey his opponent and look even more incompetent?

Regarding Operation Lone Star, game over.  

My Principal Source is Gabe Ortiz, Daily Kos staff Greg Abbott continues to blame everyone but himself for his disastrous Operation Lone Star scheme

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Arthur’s Editorial

These particular players are a collection of self-labeled  socially myopic choir cheerleaders who struggle with stick shifts and complicated words containing more than five letters, words like QAnon.

These hoping we won’t have noticed just how “all-star” they are after so many years of Trumpitis. They seem to want the country to stumble forward handicapped by a flat tire at the highest level of their leadership vehicle.

They are not sending correct-direction signals – even to their myopic choir members. They have very little apparent leadership skill and are not up to the task of governing.

Despite the political advantage of our most recent national election and the temerity and caution of the Democratic, these supposedly wise Republican leaders and strategists are demonstrating an incredible lack of skill at managing the affairs of any civic body, federal or state.

As James T. Kirk goaded Khan, “You [Republicans] just … keep … missing … the target!”

If there is such as thing as a “normal situation” in this country I could say that “normally” when one party emerges victorious in an election, those who voted for the other party can take comfort in the general high quality, integrity and bi-partisan value of supporting the governing wisdom of those who did win.

Not this time. The only demonstration we have seen going back to November of 2020 is a party of poor losers dominated by an openly cynical liar-in-chief who was fired by the electorate now over a year ago.

These guys make it look like their constituents elected the Washington Generals instead of the Harlem Globetrotters. They can’t dribble, can’t shoot and certainly can’t play team-oriented ball.

They’re constantly out of bounds, palming the ball, committing foolish and egregious personal fouls and falling further and further behind on the scoreboard.

They try to play on only one end of the court where the bleachers are full of fanatics who want to change the way the game is played, want to change who can play and want to change what the public address system is allowed to broadcast.

If you look down their bench, you don’t see anyone riding the pines capable of substituting for the fumblers on the floor. You do see some of those benchwarmers like Cruz, DeSantis and McCarthy nursing wet dreams of future stardom by focusing on the bleachers when they should be focusing on the game itself.

You see flashes in the pan for whom the team’s financial backers have big plans and lots of money but also a limited self-serving priority of filling more bleachers rather than championship rings.

Not the players …

Not the coaches …

Not the owners …

… none of them show skill, wisdom or even a concern that the team remain viable, competitive and effective.

We’re not witnessing the creation of any kind of winning tradition here in the spirit of the, Bucks, Braves, or Rams.

Oh no!!

We’re looking at having to endure years of the 1960’s Mets when Casey Stengel asked,

“Can’t anyone here play this game?

Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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