I wonder which way the boomer wind is blowing for Sean Hannity.

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Angry old white guys are pretty much all Hannity and Fox News has left … except for the wide-eyed gullibles who think alt-right and Alex Jones epitomize common sense.

The average age of the viewer of Hannity’s show is 68. He listed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Platform and effectively did the advertising to the boomers most likely to agree with her “agenda.”

Notice that “Support seniors” is considered “scary” by Sean.

Oh, and for those who want to ask with a grave voice, “How Ya Gonna Pay For It?” We have a sitting president willing to spend twice that much to pay for absolute junk.

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Uh oh … They better send her to the HOW-TO-BE-A-CONGRESSPERSON-SCHOOL before letting her join the party clubhouse.

I know she’s not a Republican but Spokane’s sitting congressional representative, https://www.facebook.com/cathyforcongress/ could show her the ropes.

Angry old white men … hey, where you guys going?


Here come them dang bad-news polls again.

Trump’s Approval Rating Dips Again – His White Male Base Is Starting to Flee

Some key supporters have begun to migrate away from Trump, notably Republicans, independents and white men. Trump’s approval among Republicans dropped to just 74 percent, a 14-percentage-point tumble from last month, according to IBD/TIPP. His approval among independents fell 11 percentage points to 29 percent. Among white men, one of Trump’s strongest demographic bases, his approval rating fell from 58 percent to 49 percent.

But then what do you expect when Mr. President turns on his allies and un-protects the wrong things?

Trump Administration Removes Endangered Species Protection For Parrots

Trump Administration Removes Endangered Species Protection For Parrots


Or this angry old white man who got relieved of a certain duty:

Bannon Loses National Security Council Role in Trump Shakeup