We’ll get back to Happy Hour … but first a word from our sponsor: Big Theology Pharma.

Are you suffering from EDS: Eternal Damnation Syndrome? Folks, have you been saved? Have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior? Accepting Jesus as your personal savior is an important moment in the life of God's children. As the late Reverend Jerry Falwell told us, "if you are not a born again Christian you are a …


Let’s Pretend

Let's Pretend We Don't Know We Are Pretending    Enter with us into an imagined world ... one myth among many Once Upon A Time … Children born into a Church are in most ways unaware and unwitting conscripts into an environment that is totally and unequivocally one of "let's pretend." Since comparative critical thinking …

Religion is always in the control business

Retired priest: ‘Hell’ was invented by the church to control people with fear I agree with Bishop Spong. I'd also go further and say that the notions of original sin, atonement, redemption and a bar of judgement are the same thing. Fundies: If you want to prove otherwise, go for it.