Is this how the United Federation of Planets gets started?

Space Force Enlisted Rank Insignias

The about to be established United States Space Force enlisted rank insignias. Well … mebbe … who will wear the red shirts for the away teams? They are always the first to get killed or eaten.

And another thing … don’t he know that any aliens out there that the Space Force finds are not going to be legal?

Alien and ICE

That’s it! Game Over! Tell the Admiral or General or whosis to call ICE. They can separate this thing from it’s kids.

These ain’t no Harlem Globetrotters … hell they ain’t even the Pomona Polecats!!

Trump and his all stars: Flynn, Bannon, Conway, DeVos … 
and now Sessions. Sitting in last place … awe come on!!!

My Congresswoman from the 5th Congressional District, Cathy McMorris Rogers, needs to be sent to the minors. She plays ball for a self-styled Washington all-star team that seems to have no understanding of the rules and philosophy of the civic game of governance.

These particular all-stars are a collection of self-labeled  konservatives who still struggle with stick shifts and complicated words containing more than five letters.

These guys are hoping we won’t have noticed just how “all-star” they are now 6 weeks into their watch. They seem to want the country to stagger forward handicapped by a flat tire at the highest level of our leadership vehicle.

We are getting no correct-direction signals from any of these leaders. They have no skill and are not up to the task of leading, let alone even managing difficulties. Despite the lop-sided political advantage of our most recent national election and the temerity and caution of the opposition party, these supposedly wise Republican leaders and strategists are demonstrating an incredible lack of skill at managing the affairs of state.

As James T. Kirk goaded Khan, “You [Republicans] just … keep … missing … the target.”

If there is such as thing as a “normal situation” in this country I could say that “normally” when one party emerges victorious in an election, those who voted for the other party can take comfort in the general high quality, integrity and bi-partisan value of governing wisdom of those who did win.

Not this time.

These guys make it look like this country elected the Washington Generals instead of the Harlem Globetrotters. They can’t dribble, can’t shoot and certainly can’t play team-oriented ball.

They’re constantly out of bounds, palming the ball, committing foolish and egregious personal fouls and falling further and further behind on the scoreboard.

They try to play on only one end of the court where the bleachers are full of fanatics who want to change the way the game is played, want to change who can play and want to change what the public address system is allowed to broadcast.

If you look down their bench, you don’t see anyone riding the pines capable of substituting for the fumblers on the floor.

You do see some of those benchwarmers nursing dreams of future stardom by focusing on the bleachers when they should be focusing on the game itself.

You see flashes in the pan for whom the team’s financial backers have big plans and lots of money but also a limited self-serving priority of filling more bleachers rather than championship rings.

Not the players …

Not the coaches …

Not the owners …

… none of them show skill, wisdom or even a concern that the team remain viable, competitive and effective.

We’re not witnessing the creation of any kind of winning tradition here in the spirit of the Cavaliers,  Cubs, or Patriots.

Oh no!!

We’re looking at having to endure years of the 1960’s Mets when Casey Stengel asked, “Can’t anyone here play this game?

Pedal to the Metal


They’re past the point where they can say “I was just kidding.”

The combination of party loyalty and the Kindergarten Konservative viewpoint has put Republicans in a position that will result in a historical reputation far worse than any blame on Herbert Hoover, he who is supposed to have rigidly stuck with “correct” capitalist principles while presiding over the onset of the Great Depression.  Nor on G.W. Bush who was mercifully required off the property at the end of his second term with his successor facing the most awful economic circumstance in America since The Depression.

The driving force behind the Republican 50-year climb from the failure of the 1964 election – augmented by the finding of a religious power base of support – was the wide array of political, economic and social propaganda devices that brought about greater power in the ability of their little choo-choo to climb toward a pinnacle.

Problem is they have crested that pinnacle and that which heated sufficient steam to turn the big wheels of the economy upward should have been cooled down a bit so as not to peak at such an accelerated pace. The combustible for that engine was primarily the aggressive expansion of corporate influence that was already in place prior to 1964 as Eisenhower pointed out when he left office.

We now find ourselves in the position of having our accelerator stuck to the floor. Driven by on-going overly greedy and aggressive corporate influence based on a self-inflicted need to continue expanding in order to survive, they’ve caused us to crest the peak traveling at way over the speed limit. A new driver who talks the leadfoot talk seems about to  commence barreling down the other side on a road that will be neither straight nor gentle in its decline.

The corporate genie is not going back into the bottle and now faces a survival that involves pushing all of us ahead out of desperation, regardless of speed.

In order to survive, our moneyed giants must get this country to politically follow their needy agenda by force of arms and belligerency … and an unending array of deception of the electorate.

In order to survive, our moneyed giants must get the citizens of this country into that state of a captured audience – forced to face relentless marketing and pressured more and more to spend and borrow.

Credit card companies and drug companies typify this need with their brutally self-interested government lobbying and business tactics.

It may not have been just the Republican Party that can take credit for this powerful economic transition as we choo-chooed our way to the top of the pinnacle. But it has been irrevocably established that the Republican Party has broken the governor on the accelerator.

What was all that blubbering about personal responsibility if not this very thing?


Attention: Blowhard on deck!

These are your people Conservatives … they have taken over what formerly was a respectable political point of view. You listened to them, you encouraged them and you own them.

What was all that blubbering about personal responsibility if not this very thing?

My friend, Valerie Tarico has pounded the truth button here.

Anti-Abortion Talking Heads Claim Talk has no Power to Influence Real World Behavior

Why it’s so hard to take these guys seriously. Check out the resulting photoshop

hucakbee che

Frittering … er, I mean, twittering away his candidacy.

Gov. Mike Huckabee ✔ @GovMikeHuckabee
.@HillaryClinton coming clean to #BenghaziCommitteeseeming abt as likely as me getting a Che Guevara tattoo on small of my back! #Benghazi

And this: Trey Gowdy may not survive his Benghazi committee meltdown

“After eleven hours of questioning today, Hillary Clinton is still standing. The republican Benghazi committee failed to uncover any new information or demonstrate to the American people why it exists, and Clinton managed to make them appear overmatched as they swatted away their questions easily. From the republican party’s standpoint, today’s testimony never should have happened. It elevates Clinton, it diminishes the republican candidates’ ability to use Benghazi against her in the election.
By any objective measure, Trey Gowdy didn’t merely lose to Hillary Clinton today. He just handed her the 2016 election by unwittingly exposing the entire Benghazi-email saga as little more than a personal republican vendetta against Clinton. In so doing, he’s erased the one chance the republican had in this election. “