On Kavanaugh, Reflublicans and civic cowardice

Required reading by anyone with any sense of truth-talking.

Men Are More Afraid Than Ever Why Kavanaugh advocates would rather defend malfeasance than deny it.

No joking here. There are things we as a people should not under any circumstances trivialize or brush aside. No particular politics is valid if the adherents insist on a partisan-only presentation to the rest of us that ignores the reality of an event in the life of someone else.

Run-and-hide politics and chauvinism evident here does not honor who we think we are as we propagandize it to the world. Why can’t we grow up?

Many wise folks have pointed out the silliness of trying to portray the victim as an opportunist and I’ve added a link.

On the lady’s so-called opportunism …

John Pavlovitz: Why I Believe Christine Blasey Ford

“It is clearly, they claim—nothing more than opportunism.

Let’s look at her expansive list of “opportunities” here:

She’s getting the opportunity to have her successful career immediately derailed.

She’s getting the opportunity to have her personal information: address, phone number, and family information—disseminated to millions of people on social media by anonymous trolls.

She’s getting the opportunity to be forced to move out of her house in the middle of a school year.

She’s getting the opportunity to have her life completely and permanently turned upside down in every possible way.

She’s getting the opportunity to be publicly humiliated by old white men, who have zero regard for the veracity of her claims or the severity of her trauma or the cost of her speaking.

She’s getting the opportunity to be the object of sick jokes on the Twitter account of the supposed adult son of the President.

She’s getting the opportunity to have her character assassinated, her past unearthed, her credibility questioned, and her safety threatened.

She’s getting the opportunity to relive her most painful and personal moments in front of the watching world.

She’s getting the opportunity to be injured a second time.

Sounds like a great “opportunity.” – John Pavlovitz

On male grownups …

Mazie Hirono Demands Men ‘Shut Up And Step Up’ In The Face Of Kavanaugh Accusation 

“I just want to say to the men in this country, just shut up and step up. Do the right thing for a change,” Hirono said during a press event on Tuesday. 


The Grand Old Perpetrator Party and the Christian Social Conservatives who voted for Trump … this is why running and hiding from the Kavanaugh allegations is an ultimate hypocrisy.

If there’s smoke, you are obligated to make sure there is no fire.

Here’s How Trump Responded Each Time A Woman Accused Him Of Sexual Misconduct President Donald Trump has been accused of inappropriate conduct and sexual assault by 20 women. These are their stories.


Let me get this straight.
Kav has denied that the attempted rape ever happened to a 15 – year-old teen.

“Yet, Interesting and perhaps disturbing moment a short time ago as Carrie Severino, spokesperson of the Judicial Crisis Network, was interviewed on CNN. The JCN is the central campaign arm for Republican judicial nominations. The Federalist Society grooms and chooses the nominees. The JCN runs the campaigns, runs political ads in Senators’ states, as necessary.

Here Severino argues that it’s not clear that what Ford describes wasn’t simply “rough horse play” as opposed to attempted rape.”

Looks to me like Kav’s team is saying that that which never happened . .. happened in that room.

Kavanaugh Backer Says Sexual Assault Allegation Could Have Been Just “Rough Horseplay”

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