Oh Great Excuse Maker, you’re runnin out of time to show what you can do.

The Great Excuse Maker


There’s a majority out here with an assortment of political inclinations  who are flat out tired of your excuses and lame bragging. If you can’t practice the art of the deal with the other party using  statesmanship, compromise and all those skills you keep flapping your jaws about,  maybe you were never really cut out for this kind of job.

Blaming the Democrats isn’t going to get you very far anymore. Your time to put up or shut up has pretty much passed.

Yesterday, Hogan Gidley, deputy assistant to the president and the White House principal deputy press secretary,  was on the phone with Steve Inskeep of NPR for six minutes of alibi making.

White House Responds To Impeachment Resolution 

Mr. Gidley truly sounded like the president’s marionette throughout the interview.

GIDLEY: What the Democrats here have done is run a sham impeachment process all behind closed doors, without any sunlight whatsoever, selectively leaking pieces of information without full testimony to try and build a narrative moving into the second round. The vote yesterday did nothing except say we’re going to make portions of the next part public after we’ve already tried to tie you – tie your hands, bound your feet, blindfold you, put you in a closet and beat you senseless. Then we’re just going to take the blindfold off for round two.

Mr. President – and I use the term loosely – one of your favorite labels, loser has become something you’ve gone to the well for too many times. It’s lost its punch. Truth is, everytime you use the word “loser,” an immense imaginary halo pops up behind you with an arrow pointing down directly at you.

Your flying monkey Republicans are all in a clown car headed directly off a precipice they themselves erected in their childish effort to retain a controlling congressional majority at the expense of a sacrifice of the very ideals upon which the country was founded.

Your hound dog in the senate is reputedly at the enormous constituent approval rate of 18% in his home state of Kentucky. He won’t be the majority leader next term even if the Dems don’t retake a Senate majority.

Congressional Majority?

Hell, Moscow Mitch and Partisan Paul Ryan couldn’t replace the Affordable Care Act despite having majorities in both houses when they had a chance. All they could do was blame someone else like you-know-who who signed the bill after compromising his way to get it done. You-know-who was only two years into his first term when the dreaded Obamacare was passed.

Those congressional time-wasters made fifty four attempts to repeal that ACA and failed 54 times. They had their excuses. Then you, Mr. Art of the Excuses, got elected.

Your lap dog from South Carolina in the Senate has sacrificed too many principles to remain an influence with which to be reckoned.

Your childish puppets in the House are not retaking anything next year except maybe permanent corners in the cloak room.

Nope … all you can do with your bully pulpit is blame everyone and anyone else for your own leadership failures

We deserve better than the best you’ve got Mr. Trump.

Not much dignity in it but would be better than impeachment, possible removal by the Senate and, if  not, a loss in the 2020 election by potentially the largest margin in modern  presidential elections.

There is a more dignified and statesmanlike action you can take – even if it goes against everything your narcissist ego treasures.

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Author: Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

One thought on “Oh Great Excuse Maker, you’re runnin out of time to show what you can do.”

  1. You got one wrong on your pie chart. Russia didn’t do it. It was our own intelligence angencies…..

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